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CONTRIBUTION TO SINGAPORE'S SENIORS : Recognition by Minister Gan Kim Yong

 In the recent SG 50 Minister for Health Mr Gan Kim Yong, formally recognised those companies and businesses that made contributions to the Singapore seniors during SG50.  


BW Generation Pte Ltd the main sponsor of this blog site is recognised for this. See below.  


In addition to SG 50 BW Generation supports and donate to number of instutions linked with the aged and elderly, in the past year BW Generation donated to St Lukes Elder Day Cares, Touch Community Services, Assisi Hospice, HCA Hospice, Golden Care, Thye Hwa Kwan SACs, Sasco Integrated Eldercare, Filos Community Services, Jamiyah Nursing Home, Calvary Baptist Church, Alzheimzers Disease Association (ADA), Bo Tien Day Care, Metta DRC, SunLove Nursing Home and Day Care, AWWA  to name a few institutions.


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