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My Mum’s Meals and Nutritional Needs + Salad Dressing Recipe Using Ensure Life Powder

While Popo (my maternal grandmother) was completely taking Ensure® for her nutritional needs, my mum was using it to supplement her meals. At one point in time, my whole family was extremely concerned about Mum as she was losing weight very quickly and visibly gaunt. She was also losing muscle tone fast. This made her weak and unable to walk properly. As a result she was prone to falls!


We brought her to the doctor and started looking more closely at what and how she ate. I realized that eating is a very social activity. As many older persons often eat alone, they may not find the food appetizing or began to develop habits that may lead to malnutrition. Therefore, I started having more meals with Mum, chatting with her and encouraging her to finish all that was on her plate.


On top of that, we gave Mum a cup of Ensure® between meals (as part of her morning and afternoon tea) to increase her calorie intake. As Mum was picky about what she ate, giving her Ensure also gave me peace of mind that she was getting the vitamins and minerals she needed.


At times, Mum even refused to take the Ensure®! My Helper and I mixed it into her Milo. That’s one of my tips to you as a Caregiver. Understand what your loved one likes to eat and use Ensure as an ingredient in the preparation process. Since then, I’ve discovered some recipes that use Ensure®. And, I would like to share this one with you that I found on



Ensure Life Salad of Poached Tiger Prawns.


Ensure® Life Salad of Poached Tiger Prawns


  • 300g tiger prawn - cooked and halved
  • 2 green apples – cubed
  • 1 stalk celery – cubed
  • ½ white onion – chopped
  • 1 tablespoon "Japanese baby" mayonnaise
  • ½ lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoon Ensure Life Vanilla Powder (diluted with a little water) 
  • 1 lettuce - cut into pieces
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • 6 cherry tomatoes
  • 18 pieces semi dried tomato
  • 18 pieces stuffed olives
  • 50g walnut


  1. Mix prawn, apples, celery and onion in a bowl
  2. In another bowl, mix mayonnaise with lemon juice, Ensure Life powder, season to taste
  3. Pour dressing into salad bowl and toss well
  4. Arrange lettuce on the bottom of a nice salad bowl and pour prepared prawn salad over
  5. Garnish with walnuts, tomatoes and olives

(6 servings.)



As my mum got better, she needed less Ensure®. But, for a while, we kept a can in the cupboard for days when she had little appetite for food. Now, she does not need it anymore, but I’ve added Ensure® and Ensure® recipes into my caregiving repertoire and I will use them again when needed.


Bon Appetite!


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