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All Lyn L's Badges

Lyn L has earned 25 badges!
  • Giver
    Earned by 10,940
    Thank you for giving your first like to the community! Keep it going!
  • Thankful Like-Giver
    Thankful Like-Giver
    Earned by 651
    Thank you for giving 5 likes to the community! The community is thankful for your effort!
  • First Like
    First Like
    Earned by 2,982
    Congratulations! You have received your first like. Keep it coming!
  • Stamps of Approval
    Stamps of Approval
    Earned by 711
    Well done on receiving 5 likes! The community approved of your contribution!
  • Round of Applause
    Round of Applause
    Earned by 416
    Well done on receiving 10 likes! A round of applause for the recognition received from the community!
  • First Step
    First Step
    Earned by 16,040
    Hats off for posting your first topic on the community!
  • Thread Starter
    Thread Starter
    Earned by 557
    You have started 5 topics! Thanks for your continued participation and we hope you keep the conversation going!
  • Avid Thread Starter
    Avid Thread Starter
    Earned by 141
    Thank you for creating 10 topics! Well done for continuing to invite the community to share their insights.
  • Inquisitive Mind
    Inquisitive Mind
    Earned by 58
    You have created 25 topics! Congratulations on venturing forth with new discussions!
  • Conversation Leader
    Conversation Leader
    Earned by 24
    Great job for the 50 topics created! You are a true conversation leader in our community!
  • Conversationalist
    Earned by 12,316
    You have posted your first reply to the community. Posting replies is the best way to get involved. We look forward to your next contributions!
  • Avid Conversationalist
    Avid Conversationalist
    Earned by 1,537
    You have posted 5 replies to the community. Thank you for keeping the conversations going!
  • Awesomely Outgoing
    Awesomely Outgoing
    Earned by 601
    You have posted 10 replies to the community. Thank you for being so outgoing! We are loving the good conversations.
  • Communicator
    Earned by 194
    You have posted 25 replies to the community. You are a great communicator. Keep the conversations going!
  • Superstar Communicator
    Superstar Communicator
    Earned by 101
    You have posted 50 replies to the community. Well done! You are communicating like a superstar.
  • Dynamite Dialoguer
    Dynamite Dialoguer
    Earned by 61
    Thank you for posting 100 replies to the community. You are a KA-BOOM dialoguer! We loving talking to you!
  • Rockstar Responder
    Rockstar Responder
    Earned by 31
    Thank you for posting 250 replies to the community. You are putting great thought into our community!
  • The Conversation Master
    The Conversation Master
    Earned by 22
    Thank you for posting 500 replies to the community. You are a master of words with your valuable replies to the community!
  • Happy Helper
    Happy Helper
    Earned by 428
    One of your replies has been accepted as solution. Thank you for the help and keep it coming!
  • Helping Hand
    Helping Hand
    Earned by 60
    Congratulations for having 5 replies accepted as solution. Well done! Thanks for continuing to lend a hand by sharing your expertise.
  • Super Solver
    Super Solver
    Earned by 41
    Congratulations for having 10 replies accepted as solution. Thank you for all of your notable solutions to the community! Keep it going!
  • StarHub Customer Service
    StarHub Customer Service
    Earned by 25
    StarHub's Customer Service staff are identified by this badge!
  • A picture speaks a 1000 words
    A picture speaks a 1000 words
    Earned by 3,105
    Well done on uploading the first image onto the community!
  • First-time Contestant
    First-time Contestant
    Earned by 337
    Well done! You have participate in your first contest! Way to go!
  • Regular Contest Participant
    Regular Contest Participant
    Earned by 31
    Well done! You have participate in 5 contests! Keep it coming!