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StarHub Phone Directory Search


Online Directory Search

Q: How do I search for the residential number or address of a StarHub residential customer?

A :You can go to the “Voice” section of StarHub website, click “StarHub Number Directory”  and enter the name of the StarHub residential subscriber on the online directory search.


Q: Some of the records have no address.  Why is that so?

A: We will not display an address if there is no registered service address.


Q: What is the maximum number of records the online search portal can display?  Is there any way to search for more after the maximum number of records is displayed?

A: There is a maximum display of 250 records.  However, we would recommend users to carry out more specific searches in order to narrow down the search records.


Q: Why do you restrict each search to a minimum of three characters?

A: We believe three characters is the optimum number to begin your search.  However, we would recommend users to carry out more specific searches in order to narrow down the search records retrieved.


Q: I just subscribed to Private Listing Number to remove my information from the directory search.  Why is it still showing?

A: It would be removed by the next working day from the receipt of your request.



Q: Why are StarHub’s residential listings not included in the 2012/2013 phonebook?

A: In supporting the green initiative, StarHub is now providing the residential listings via online directory search instead of printing phonebooks.  


Q: Why do you publish my details on your website?

A: Instead of the printed directory, we are offering online directory as part of a value added service so that the internet users are able to search for StarHub residential listings.


Q: Why is business listings not found here?

A: The business listings can be found in Global Yellow Pages business phonebook directory.  Alternatively, you may want to search the details of the business entity on the internet.


Q: I do not have a PC.  How can I access the telephone numbers?           

A: To search for a StarHub residential number, you may dial ‘100’ from your StarHub fixed line or StarHub post-paid mobile line to access the directory enquiry service.  From now till 30 June 2013, customers who use this service will enjoy three free directory enquiry calls per billing month.


Q: How will the free calls be reflected in my monthly bill?

A: The three free Directory Enquiry (DQ) charges will be listed under the item of “Directory Enquiry” in your following monthly bill.


Q: I do not want my record listed in StarHub online directory search.  What should I do?

A: To remove your records from both online directory search and Directory Enquiry (Service 100), you may wish to consider subscribing to Private Number Listing at $2.14/mth (w/GST).


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