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StarHub How-to's: How to set up Digital Voice Home with router


Hello. Welcome to StarHub Digital Voice Home guide.  Here, we’ll share with you How to setup Digital Voice Home service with router. 


Step 1

Please ensure is the Motorola SBV5121 Voice enabled Cable Modem (VeCM) turned off first. Connect the RF coaxial cable from your wall cable point, to the coaxial connecter labelled “CABLE” on the back of the VeCM.  


Step 2

To connect to your Digital Voice service, please connect one end of a telephone jumper cable (not included) to an IDA-approved standard or cordless telephone set. Then connect the other end of the jumper cable to the appropriate RJ-11 TELEPHONE port on the back of the VeCM 


Step 3

For customers with broadband service, connect the cable modem to the INTERNET/WAN port of your wireless router. Setup and configure your wireless router, then setup your PC/notebook to connect to the wireless network


Step 4

Pick up the phone and check if there’s any dial tone. If there’s no dial tone, please check the following:  


• Voice-enabled cable modem (VeCM) is powered on (usually the first LED on the front panel is the Power indicator. It should display a solid green colour if it is powered up successfully).  

• RJ-11 cable is connected securely to the phone jack at the rear of the VeCM. If you have a single telephone line, it should usually be connected to phone jack number 1, unless you have been advised by us otherwise.  

• RJ-11 cable is connected securely to your standard telephone set or cordless telephone set.


Note : When the VeCM is powered on, you may have to wait for up to 40 seconds before it completes the start-up sequence and acquires a dial tone. If no dial tone is heard, try turning off then on the power supply to the VeCM. 


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