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StarHub How-to's: How to Setup Digital Voice Global Service



Hello! Welcome to StarHub Digital Voice user guide.  


In this video, we’ll share with you How to setup Digital Voice Global Service.  


To use Digital Voice Global, you need to have the following items:  


1) Integrated access device (IAD)  


Note: Only IAD purchased from StarHub or its authorised resellers can be used for Digital Voice Global. 


2) Broadband Internet connection  The broadband Internet access can either be of a cable (StarHubs’ MaxOnline broadband access) or an ADSL connection, with a minimum download speeds of 512Kbps and upload speeds of 256kbps.  


3) Analogue phone (corded or cordless) 


In the video, you will see an image of the front panel of the IAD.  

There are 3 lights (LED) found on the front panel.


•  Power LED: Green light indicates a normal power supply.

•  WAN LED: When a connection is established LED will light up solid.  

•  Phone LED: If a phone connected to a phone port is off the hook or in use, the LED will light solid. When the phone is ringing, the indicator will blink. 


The rear panel provides the following connectors:  

1. Power Receptor: Receptor for the provided power adapter.

2. WAN: Connect to your broadband modem using an Ethernet cable or connect to your Ethernet enabled computers using Ethernet cabling.

3. Phone Port (1-2):Connect to your phones using standard phone cabling (RJ-11).  


WARNING: DO NOT connect the phone ports to each other (FXS to FXS). Doing so may damage your VoIP Telephone Adapter.  


Use Reset Button to restore factory default settings: 


Setting Up Your Digital Voice Global Connection  


In the video, you will see a diagram that shows the typical set-up for Broadband and Digital Voice Global user.


Steps for Setting up:  

1. Ensure that your IAD is unplugged and that the power supply to your modem is turned off.  

2. 1st, connect one end of an Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to an open Ethernet WAN port on your modem. Connect the other end of this Ethernet cable to the WAN connector on the router.  

3. Next, connect one end of another Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to an open Ethernet WAN port on your IAD. Connect the other end of this Ethernet cable to one of the LAN connector on the router.  

4. Connect a telephone to your PHONE 1 connector on your IAD using a RJ-11 telephone cable.  

5. Power on your modem. Wait for about 2 minutes for it to start up. 


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