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IDD 008

  1. What is IDD 008 service?
    StarHub’s IDD (International Direct Dial) 008 is a premium service that offers customer direct and high quality international calls with fast connection time and call clarity to more than 230 destinations worldwide.
    If you subscribe to a 3G price plan and have a 3G-enabled phone, you can also make IDD 008 Video Calls to a list of destinations. Find out more on IDD 008 Video Calls.
  2. How do I use IDD 008service to make international calls?
    To make a voice call using IDD 008, just follow the simple steps below when making an international call from your StarHub Mobile or StarHub IDD-registered SingTel Fixed/Mobile or M1 Mobile line.

    008 > Country Code > Area Code > Telephone Number
    If you are making an IDD 008 Video Call to an overseas-registered 3G mobile phone number, just dial:
    008 > Country Code > Telephone Number, and press the "Video Call" button on your 3G-enabled phone.
  3. How can I register for StarHub's IDD service?
    With the exception of Social Visit Pass, Student Pass and Work Permit holders, StarHub IDD should be activated on your StarHub Mobile and Digital Voice service by default unless you have previously requested to disable the use of StarHub IDD services on your StarHub Mobile or Digital Voice line.

    If you have previously disabled the use of StarHub IDD services on your StarHub Mobile or Digital Voice service and would now like to activate the service on this line, please call 1633 for assistance.

    You may also register your SingTel residential fixed line, SingTel Mobile number and M1 Mobile number to enjoy StarHub IDD service on these lines. If you have not registered with us, please dial our priority IDD registration telephone number at 1800-CALL-IDD (1800-2255 433).

    Alternatively, you can pick up an International Telephone Services Registration Form from any StarHub Shop. Complete the form and send it back to us at the return address, together with a photocopy (both sides) of your NRIC/FIN.

    For Business customers, please call our StarHub Business Hotline on 1800-888 8888 for a registration form or contact your StarHub Account Manager for more assistance.
  4. Do I need to pay any registration fees or monthly subscription?
    No. Registration is free.
  5. To enjoy StarHub IDD services on my SingTel/M1 lines, do I need to change my existing telephone line or telephone number?
    No. All you need to do is to register your SingTel/M1 telephone number(s) for StarHub IDD services. You can retain your existing telephone number and telephone lines. There is no need to rewire your telephone lines.
  6. By retaining my existing telephone line with SingTel/M1, will the quality of the call be compromised when I use StarHub's IDD service?
    No, you can be assured of premium quality calls whenever you dial the StarHub international access code.         
  7. Can I still use other service provider's International Call services?
    Yes, you can.

  8. When will I be able to start using StarHub IDD service on my SingTel/M1 line upon application for StarHub's IDD service?
    If you mail the application form back to us, activation will be completed within 7 days from the time we receive the duly completed and relevant supporting documents from you, subject to StarHub’s approval of your application.
  9. How will I know if my application of SingTel/M1 number for StarHub IDD service is successful?
    Once your application is successful, you will be able to start calling overseas using IDD 008/018 on the registered telephone line.
    For successful applications made via 1800-CALL IDD, you will receive a welcome pack containing a letter and an "International Telephone Services" guide on how to use the service.          
  10. What are the charges for IDD 008 service?
    There is no setup or subscription fee and you will be charged for what you use, billed on a per second basis and at single all-day rates.

    For IDD 008 Video Calls made from StarHub Mobile to any of the supported destinations, you will enjoy a flat rate of 88¢/min till 31 December 2011.
  11. How will I be charged if I retain my SingTel/M1 line but use StarHub's IDD service?
    StarHub will only bill you for usage of the StarHub IDD Service.

  12. How can I be assured that I will be billed accurately for all IDD calls made?
    You bill will list all the overseas calls you have made within the billing cycle. The bill will also show detailed information on the overseas numbers you have called, the call duration of each call and cost incurred for that call.
  13. How do I read the charges displayed on my bill?
    In your bill, the charges for IDD 008 / 018 usage will be shown under the Usage section and the charges will be itemised in your bill as well.


Date and Time: This is the date / time the call is received / made based on local Singapore time.
Country: This shows the destination of the call.
Tel Number: The telephone number will be listed if available. This is dependent on the roaming partner’s network.
Duration: For calls, this is the duration of your call
Amount: This is the charge based on the published rates on IDD 008/018

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