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I feel that eSIM will allow Starhub to get more customers especially when this is the future. 

I personally want eSIM so that I can separate my business/work and personal life all on the same device.


I will install WhatsApp for Business on the same iPhone and map it to my work/business number on the eSIM and use the regular WhatsApp for my personal line. 


I can't wait for that to happen honestly. 


So please, consider our idea!

Esteemed Commentator

yes it is essential for iPhone users for Dual Sim support

Esteemed Commentator

It's lame for Starhub to start considering eSim support only after 20 Like votes here. Really need 20likes?And this is late it's 2020 already.

Respected Advisor

Actually esim got good got bad. But I still think that there are more advantages over disadvantage . So 1 vote casted!

Community Relationship Manager
Status changed to: Considering

Thanks for sharing this great idea with us, @nokius. As it has garnered more than 20 votes, we have now put your idea into consideration and we'll share updates here with everyone who has voted for the idea.  


Stay tuned!