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Subtitle for Hong Kong Drama

Grateful that there is Mandarin audio for Hong Kong Dramas (be it on VV Drama or Hub Drama First) especially for someone who don't understand the Cantonese language. However, for subtitle, only English subitle is available. 

It would be really good if we can have Chinese subtitle as well. Especially useful for the old folks who are hard of hearing, by having chinese subtitles, they will be able to follow well. This is also something that my dad is always 'complaining' whenever we watch HK Dramas on Starhub TV. 


Community Relationship Manager

Hey @nonex , Thanks for submitting this idea! What are some of the titles and you or your dad are currently watching? 



Valued Advisor

Hi @Jolene_L , recently finished 解决师 on Hub Drama First (860) and now catching up on 12传说 on VV Drama (857).