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SIM only plan - With SMS's

I like to suggect SIM only plan come with free SMS's. Maybe 100 free SMS's for the $25 plan, I think it not cost much from StarHub since now days rarely people using SMS but me & my wife still using it to left message to each others. 

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Community Relationship Manager

Happy New Year to you too, @Eronec


Thanks for your suggestion. Will definitely put this up for consideration if we receive 20 likes on your post. Having said that, are you aware that you will receive 100 free sms if you sign up for GIRO payment? 



Honored Advisor

Hi @Jolene_L  

I enjoyed 100 free sms but only for main line, the other lines not free. 
And thanks for your Liked. LOL, almost one week only one liked, not sure people don't agree with my idea or no one visit here Smiley Very Happy