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Google Nest Router and Wifi

Will Starhub be offering Google Nest Router and Wifi bundle?

I've been on your old Google Wifi bundle and would like to see Starhub to offer this combination instead.


The specs are definately higher than the Nokia Beacon 1 that you are currently offering. 

Respected Commentator

Presently our home uses the Google Wifi. it has served us well. Read reviews about Google Nest and thought it would be a good idea for Starhub to have Google Nest. The present Starhub users who have Google wifi need not fear that their present google wifi would collect dust as it could be used as extra points as the Google Nest router is backward complatible with Google wifi.

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What will make it even better will be to provide Wifi 6 routers to compliments higher bandwidth plans. That will put Starhub one of the first with such devices.

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Good idea 'tazzy'. I agree.

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Viewquest launch it's WiFi 6 plans with Asus AX router ... Starhub is now 2 steps behind ...

Community Relationship Manager

Thanks for contributing this idea, @tazzy and @georgeml for supporting the idea. Hopefully this idea gets to 20 votes and we can move this to the next stage of our Ideas lifecycle. Get your friends and family to vote for it!