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More savings with Mobile Bill Rebates!

Hub Master

Mobile Bill Rebates.png


Is your mobile line out of contract but you cannot decide on a handset at this point?


Good news is – you can sign up for the Mobile Bill Rebates when you are waiting for the right handset!


You are able to enjoy good savings on your  monthly bill until you are ready to recontract with a handset offer anytime within the 24 months with no additional charges.


Click ‘Get it’ to check your eligibility to sign up for the offer now.


Get Bill Rebates


Terms & Conditions apply.


Click to expand.
Terms & Conditions
This promotion cannot be combined with any mobile handset contract and also does not apply with the following plans: PowerValue 80, PowerNow 160, PowerPlay 3 Savings, all SharePlus dependent lines, all SmartSurf HD plans, MaxMobile Datapacks, PushMail and BlackBerry Datapacks, Corporate Individual Scheme discounts and all Employee Partner plans. You are allowed to renew under a mobile handset contract once during the Minimum period of Service at the prevailing handset offer price. The monthly bill rebate will cease once you have renewed your subscription plan with a mobile handset contract.




1. What is a Bill Rebates contract?

A Bill Rebates contract will allow you to save on your monthly mobile bills. You will be entitled to a discount off your monthly voice subscription charges.


2. What is the difference between a Bill Rebates contract and a handset contract?

You will save on your monthly bills when you sign up for Bill Rebates contract while you’ll enjoy attractive handset deals for handset contract.


3. Which contract do you recommend me to sign up?

It depends on your preference. If you do not need a new handset and would like to save on your monthly bills, you can sign up for a Bill Rebates contract. However if you require a new handset, you may prefer the option of a handset contract.


4. If I have an existing 24mths handset contract, can I sign up for Bill Rebates contract at the same time?

No, the handset contract and Bill Rebates contract are mutually exclusive and cannot be enjoyed concurrently.


5. After taking up a Bill Rebates contract , will there be any termination charges if I decide to recontract to a handset contract?

While in your Bill Rebates contract, if you want to recontract to a handset contract, there will be no termination charges at all.

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Honored Commentator

To those who have got the invitation to this from Starhub, please think twice before signing up.


The main objective of this monthly rebate is to allow all the starhub subscribers of old 3G plans to continue enjoying the plan (after you have completed 24 months = eligible to recontract) at a lower rate. May it be $4-$8 rebate per month.


In the advert it says: "If you are out of contract and awaiting the launch of a particular mobile phone model, why not enjoy monthly rebates on your mobile bill while you wait? No termination fees will be charged should you decide to recontract to a mobile handset plan later on!"


I am on the 3G Powervalue 100 plan and it was back in July 2014 which i had completed my 24 months. I was invited to this mobile rebate plan in March 2015 and i signed on for the reason that i am waiting for a mobile phone model and thinking that there isnt any disadvantages. Recently, i wanted to recontract and I emailed and phoned up Starhub for recontract vouchers. However, i was told that since i am on this mobile rebate scheme i wasnt eligible. Besides, if i want recontract vouchers, i have to fulfil the "Minimum Period of Service" for this mobile rebate scheme of at least 21 months before i am eligible for vouchers.


So, in a nutshell, if you are due for recontract and you dont want to give up your existing 3G plans, DON'T sign up for this scheme if you are thinking of asking for recontract vouchers. Maybe phone them up to see how much recontract vouchers they will give before you sign up for this rebate. Like for me, 7 months down the road with this mobile rebate, my savings is only $28, if I hadnt sign up, and i ask for recontract vouchers now, i would have maybe gotten $50?? 


Like me now, who feels disappointed by this scheme and want to move out of Starhub, I would have to pay back the $28 and be able to move out of Starhub.


From this episode, i dont think Starhub in putting in expense to improve customer value nor retention. if it is a 21 months of $4 that they truly wanted to "rebate" the clients, why dont they just give a $80 upfront for clients on old plans to recontract? They actually save more dollars. They will earn more in the long run as customers get locked in for 2 years on higher plan values, and customer value increases as they would be happier knowing Starhub values them and is always there to provide best available service to customers. The $80 dollars upfront is less than some $100 mobile vouchers which some "harder to please" customers would demand for.


We all know that at the end of the day, consumers dont save more but the telco does, just my own wishful thinking that Starhub would be different...

Grand Guru

With regard to "Monthly rebate" and "Recontract voucher".

This is 2 separate issues.



What do "Recontract" mean.

When customer mobile line number have completed 21 months of contract, Starhub may provide this "Recontract" voucher, depend on Starhub policy.


Recontract Voucher do have 3 main conditions;

1. The customer have a mobile line and this line have completed 21 months, of Contract.

2. This recontract voucher do have an expiry date which expire at the end of the month of contract, stated.

3. Recontract voucher is based on that particular mobile line number and the customer name.


If the customer contract end, and he/she do not recontract by using the voucher, the voucher consider as no longer valid.


That is to say, you did not make use of the recontract voucher to recontract, and so no longer valid.


As for the CS staff mean, is based on condition #1, that  "Minimum Period of Service"  is 21 months.



For "Monthly rebates".

There is no termination fees and you can sign up as a package.


When you took the offer of "Monthly rebates", in-directly this mean you have get a new contract and there are no termination fees involved.

Then you need to complete 21 months under this "Monthly rebates", in order to have "Recontract" Voucher.


Again as for the CS staff mean, is based on condition #1, that  "Minimum Period of Service"  is 21 months.




Starhub have given you 2 type of promotion packages.

You then select one of the promotion package, "Monthly rebates".

To this, it may consider as sign up a contract where there are no termination fees.

So, if you do required this recontract voucher, you still have to, 

As for the CS staff mean, is based on condition #1, that  "Minimum Period of Service".



This is as you did not clarify properly before you made your decision.


Your previous contract is over, so is the recontract voucher.


Lastly, your old plan will no longer exist if you do sign up now.

Starhub offer is that you did not do any sign up as contract, so they offer you this "Monthly rebates".

According to your statement, Starhub did not mentioned about recontract voucher.





I am not Starhub staff &or related to.



Honored Commentator

Thank you for the detailed explaination.

I didn't know there are so many things to lookout for in just a line for a phone. Keeping track of the recon tract status then ask for recontract voucher. Usually I will go down to the telco when I want to change a phone or plan, otherwise I just use it. There wasn't any notification at 21 months nor recontract vouchers given. I took up this rebate scheme as it just came in as an email which was pretty fast and convenient.

With my previous telco, it was easier, they sent reminders for contract renewals which is easier for me. Therefore I wrote in this thread for some others who will be contemplating and research before they take any actions. As you see there isn't any clear explanation on this except probably with what you wrote now.
Grand Guru

I do understand how you are feeling.

I was also NEVER given ANY Recontract Voucher as long as Starhub start operation.

And also having Broadband and TV Services, did not benefit anything more as a hubber.


I also come to know just a year ago, Dec 2014 as i registered here on this "Community" forum.

Thanks to SingTel giving an idea why Starhub NEVER in automatic mode to give free voucher.

Then from this "Community" forum, then i come to know about "RECONTRACT Voucher".

So, if any just registered members want to know about recontract voucher, i show them how to get it.

If you read my posts, that i try to help those like "me in the past, not knowing how to get voucher FREE".



Just my "ranting"; if you want to know about all these issue, similar to yours.

I was having both Starhub and SingTel.

I had 4 mobile lines with Starhub, that's all, nothing, ZERO, etc....

SingTel had been so understanding, by giving me 3 recontract vouchers for 3 mobile line.

On top of these 3 mobile line recontract voucher, i was also given a $120 voucher (open) and i used it for just buy mobile handset.

The funny thing is both Telco, i re-transfer all the mobile lines back to me, as i had to transfer to my Mother is to avoid being blacklisted. Continue to use.

When i told SingTel CS saying that $50 voucher to me is nothing, no worth it; terminated all ST lines.

Somehow, that CS did passed my comments to their Marketing dept.

Then i received another voucher $50, as value is not of concern, but I was surprised they really concern about Customer feedback, which i told the hotline CS upon terminating my mobile.

Anyway, all ST mobile line were terminated.

But for how SingTel action, so i finally sign up a new contract; not about $$ but more on their way of saying "Thanks".


I request for a voucher for new mobile line from Starhub, replied as NOTHING, NOT, etc negative.

Last week i sign up another new line from Starhub, but still no comment on their end.


SingTel offer $150 off handset for port in from M1 &or Starhub.

3 weeks ago, i sign up a no handset, as mySIM with only 1 month contract.

After reading your reply, i sign up SingTel (another) new mobile contract by saving $150 port from M1.

Calculate the cost i still have benefit $120. (M1 mySIM one month contract is $30).



Senior Commentator

This is a side-track reply. 



I just want to say this online that Starhub's customer loyalty retention is Not good, Not impressive and certainly Not in the know of what's called customer loyalty, retention and reward. 



I wonder if they have been receiving their bonuses, rewards of any kind, be it for good service, long service or just a simple reward to make them feel valued as a Starhub staff? If None of the above that I have mentioned are experienced in Starhub's staff welfare and priviledge, I will surely understand the lack of and in actual fact, non-existent reward programme for (long time) customers.


If they have some form of reward system in Starhub for their staff, surely, the Starhub management should actively look into rewarding customers. In these times, especially this year, I really hope to see Starhub change for the better. Some form of reward be it rebates, cash voucher for recontract etc should be felt and impacted to the customer. 


A small gesture leads to a longer and bigger path...



Just a rant. Smiley Very Happy

Community Sheriff
Hi Bulaien, this is just from my perspective, techwise, Starhub may not be the best in connectivity, but I do look at things on a overall picture view, with the hubbers' discount, as much as I sometimes feel like jumping ship, its not worthwhile, plus the content they have on cable suits my needs. Like Eric, I also came to find out about this recontract voucher thing after I joined the forum, but that just one part of the issue. Will I move in future? Maybe, but right now, especially after dealing with Red and Orange, I feel that it's just not worth my time and effort. Also, the proportion of people who give a **bleep** seems to be higher at Starhub.