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Working and exercising from Home with Creative Outlier Gold earbuds

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I had the opportunity to get my hands (and ears) on Creative Outlier Gold earbuds for past 2 weeks. Having to stay at home and telecommuting from home during this Circuit Breaker period, me and my wife’s daily activities mainly comprise of long video calls and occasionally exercises such as Yoga sessions over Skype. So, this review will be focusing more on the experience of using the earbuds for this daily routine.


Watch it in the video review below:


The battery life of the earbuds is exceptional. Lasting for about 14 hours per charge, it provides me enough power to use the Outlier Gold earbuds throughout the whole day without needing to recharge. In comparison, my previous earbuds could only last for a couple of hours before the batteries ran flat, requiring frequent recharging. With Outlier Gold earbuds, no more such hassle to recharge quite often. It is very impressive.


It also gives me the good connection between the phone and the earbuds around my 4-room flat. I could move around freely between different rooms in my house (furthest being 10 meters of distance between my phone and the earbuds) and the was no audio dropouts at all.


The ergonomics of the earbuds is great. The shape of the earbuds closely fits to the ears’ shape and as a result the earbuds did not drop out from ears during my wife’s virtual Yoga session. It’s sweat-proof (with IPX5 rating), so it’s perfectly okay to use during workout sessions. Another added benefit of the close-fitting is that it also blocks out most of the noises from your surroundings. I put on the earbuds during my morning walk to the coffee-shop nearby for breakfast while playing my favourite Coldplay’s playlist. Most of the noises from the street were blocked and isolated. The usual loud engine noises from nearby buses and cars were reduced to very faint noises while I could still distinctly hear the sounds of bells and chimes from Viva la Vida track. On other occasions, while I was playing music on the earbuds, it also soften the loud noises coming from RSAF aircraft and fighter jets flying by in the neighbourhood.


The sound quality is generally balanced which caters to wider range of music. I listened to a live YouTube stream of interviews and Jazz music with piano and saxophone instruments. The vocals are crisp and clear. Stereo separation between left and right side of earbuds is also good which allows me to hear distinct sounds between the left and right channels.


All in all, below is the summary of what I like about Creative Outlier Gold:

  • Long-lasting battery life, reducing the need to recharge frequently
  • Comfortable to use during exercise and long video calls
  • Good audio connection within a four-room flat, providing the freedom to move around


The Outlier Gold is available on, enjoy $30 off when you enter STARBUY GO GO GO promo code <STARBUYGOOG>

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WAH! Lots of effort! I love the video - one portion's almost like a home tour. Smiley Very Happy 

Senior Contributor

Thanks Grace for your feedback. Smiley Happy 


Took about half a day to film and another half a day to edit. Since we are in our home most of the time, took this opportunity to document some moments.