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Waze Map Edits

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Waze is a navigation app that provides live traffic and road conditions. This makes the application useful for drivers. Routes can be selected to minimize driving time, toll, avoid highways etc. Traffic conditions are reported by Waze users and these are incorporated into the algorithyms that predict ETA.

In the event of changes to traffic (e.g. heavy traffic, accidents), road conditions (e.g. closures, road works), drivers will be re-routed to minimize ETA.

What makes Waze useful are regular updates by the Waze Community. These dedicated users, voluntarily make edits to maps which include:

  1. New roads
  2. New buildings
  3. Road closures
  4. Shop/ eatery locations, opening hours etc
  5. Adding postal codes to houses, buildings etc. Singapore is in a unique position. Every building has a postal code. To navigate there, just enter the postal code. However, as one can appreciate, labelling everyone is a mammoth task. However, if everyone edits around their area, the job will be done and map will benefit everyone

So the next time you have difficulty locating that shop/ eatery/ building, do something about it! Edit the map so that it benefits you and the community. Here's how to get started:

  1. Install Waze
  2. Sign up for a Waze account i.e. user ID
  3. Start driving
  4. Spotted a mistake? Report it in the Waze Singapore Community or better still edit the map by going to the Waze Map Editor
  5. Note that there are Level One editors will only be able to edit one KM or where they have driven. Edits are subject to review. This is not personal and is to prevent map vandalism

Start making a difference by map editing and join the growing community of Wazers.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Wait...What?! I didn't know that Waze users can make changes/edits on their map. LOL now I know, thanks to you @Paladin Smiley Very Happy



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Most welcome @Carla_P