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Unlimited Video Data for real?!?

Senior Advocate

Recently, I was hooked by the wide range of shows in Netflix! Yes, I knew I was late to this wonderful streaming service.


However, I have limited space in my phone, unable to download the shows that I want to watch, and I do not want to use my limited 4G data to stream the shows when I am on the go. Hence, the only option left is I am only able to watch Netflix when my phone is on WIFI connection.


So guess what Starhub announced? New Unlimited Video, Social or Chat from just $6/month! It is $10/month for Unlimited Video Pass.


It is a no-brainer for me when I saw the ad and decided the unlimited video pass will be the value-added service to solve my Netflix problem! I am able to watch my favourite Netflix shows on the go!


To subscribe to the service via the Starhub mobile app is a breeze:


1. Login the My Starhub app

2. Click on My Account

3. Click on My subscribed services

4. Select your mobile number and click on Plan

5. Click on Manage VASes

6. Click on the tick next to Unlimited Video Pass

7. Click on Submit


Within a few moments, you will receive an SMS to inform you that the service has been activated! You can watch the shows under the following apps with unlimited data - Netflix, Toggle, CatchPlay and HBO Go.


After using the service for more than a month, I am happy to announce that I can watch Netflix anywhere and anytime I want! I am able to watch my shows while I am on the train, by the poolside or just somewhere in the open as long I have Starhub network. I was a bit concerned about this is going to affect my data usage but no worries as all the Netflix viewing data was not reflected the data usage!


Now I have a new problem, my phone will run out of battery from my binge viewing! Talking about first world problem! Haha...