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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Removing of 3 key features is an advantage

Android™ Expert

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge has totally break their tradition of plastic phones, or they say polycarbonate. The latest S6 is made up of premium glass and metal. It looks good but feels much better.



The new galaxy s6 is lined with aluminium frame with glass front and back. You will be holding onto the metal rims most of the time as the glass surfaces tends to set in slightly. Since the edges are curved, the metal frame only covers half the thickness of the phone. Hence, making it feel as if its the thinnest phone in the planet. Im not kidding when say that is is one of the best built quality mobile out there. As a former Iphone and currently a HTC One M8 user, I’m extremely particular on built quality of phones. Built quality is the most obvious difference a phone can feature as most flagship phones performance are fairly similar. Average users can hardly tell the difference in real life performance nowadays.


This means that Samsung has made a smart move to finally ditch the plastic and invest on built quality. The hardware improvement has its drawbacks and many people are outraged for the removal of the key features.


  1. Goodbye Removable battery


  • The battery for this iteration of S6 is non removable. Users shouldn't have to worry since mobile battery charges are so cheap. They come as free door gifts nowadays.
  • You might be worried about the battery being damaged over many cycles. Well, you are going to recontract your phone within the next 2 years anyway. The non removable battery is of a better built and last longer. So the pros overweigh the cons for non removable battery.

  1. Ditch that external SD Card
  • Samsung fans are furious with the omission of the SD card storage in the S6. The 32GB model might be at a disadvantage after 10GB of space is used for Touchwhiz. Nontheless this new internal UFS 2.0 storage  proved to be more efficient and faster. The internal storage speed is somewhat like the speed of SDD. It also outperforms the fastest eMMC 5.0 memory found in other devices (about 3.25x faster performance).
    Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 11.08.57 AM.jpg
  • Why bother using that SD card? Free cloud storage is abundant these days. Store all your songs with KKbox /Spotify and stream your TV shows and movies with Plex. Store photos in tumblr or facebook. Serious work can be stored in Google docs or dropbox. Who needs an SD card right?
  • If you still live in the stone age, Samsung still offer their phones in 32GB, 64GB and 128GD internal storage.
  1. “WaterPOOFing”: Do you really need waterproofing 24 hours a day?
  • Water and dust-proof(IP67) removed. For average users we never bring our phones into the water. If required to bring outdoors, there is always the trusty zip lock bags or those waterproof casing. These waterproofing bags and cases never fails when I'm outfield in the army.
  • Cases like the ones provided by Samsung are somewhat dustproof to a certian extent. I got the opportunity to try out some of the cases with S6 and S6 Edge in the video below. 

In short, the removal of key features in Galaxy S6 is too minute to consider as a disadvantage. The advantages outweigh the setbacks. Many awesome flagship phones remain strong without all these features like external battery, external SD card and waterproof. I belive Samsung S6 edge is a clear winner as Samsung bounce back from the slow sales of S5. If you wish to virtually hold onto the S6 visit


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