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Review: DLink DIR-865L - DLink's first wireless AC router

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DLink DIR-865L is a high-end dual band router, with the latest 802.11ac draft 5 technology. It uses 3x3 MIMO technology, which allows you to achieve a maximum theoretical speed of 450mbps on 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11n.




The purpose of this review is to qualify and quantify the range and throughput of the device.




We test the range and throughput by comparing the upstream and downstream of wired connection with wireless connection at various distances. The same test will be done on both 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band with 40MHz bandwidth.  The test will be done with a 2x2 MIMO wireless adapter, Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6250 AGN, which gives a maximum theoretical maximum speed of 300mbps. The test is done on the same server, within a considerably short amount of time, so as to minimise the variable of server load.


The test is done with Starhub MaxInfinity 100mbps connection.




Wired Connection



2.4GHz – 1m



2.4GHz – 1m with 1 wall



2.4GHz – 3m



2.4GHz – 5m



2.4GHz – 5m with 1 wall



2.4GHz – 8m



2.4GHz – 8m with 2 walls



5GHz – 1m



5GHz – 1m with 1 wall



5GHz – 3m



5GHz – 5m



5GHz – 5m with 1 wall



5GHz – 8m



5GHz – 8m with 2 walls





The router have pretty decent throughput for the tests, with a minimum of more than 50mbps. The 2.4GHz band is capable of a more stable connection with a larger range. We have also tested their maximum range with other mobile devices. The 2.4GHz is capable of a maximum range of 30-40m, while the 5GHz band is approximately 25m.


The throughput of 5GHz band drops drastically with obstacles such as walls, and works best when it is within the ‘line of view’ of the router. Sadly, we are unable to test the router’s wireless ac capabilities as we do not have a wireless ac network adapter.




The router has decent throughput and range, and is definitely a good upgrade from the DVG-N5402SP. It is able to achieve at least 50mbps throughput over the range of 8m on both 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band, and has a range of up to 40m.


I am not a staff from StarHub. My post does not represent StarHub in any way.
Valued Commentator

Inc teh- Results look promising. My problem is wifi in the room with a wall and about 3 m away from fibre source, the speed will drop drastically. to 4-6 mbps ( subscribed 150mbps). How can i get to test this router from starhub and also can i get advice regarding the homeplus which u have offered advice in the DVG 5402 forum



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I believe this router test is a one-time thing. You can purchase the router at $199.


Regarding homeplugs, it depends on your house electrical wiring, the older it is, the slower the speed.

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I have been stress testing the router for a couple of weeks. No connection drops, except for some spikes. Smiley Happy I have not have the chance to try the mydlinkservices and other functions they have included in the router.

Senior Contributor

In your opinion, this router is better or asus RT N66U better?  Am thinking of getting a router before Starhub come to my flat to install the fibre connections.

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I have personally tested the Asus router, but reviews from others says that Asus is better. But then again, Asus router cost 200-300 while the dlink cost 199 for wireless ac one
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Sorry typo, I meant that I have not personally tested Asus router.
Esteemed Consultant

hi incteh,


are you able to compare this throughput with another brand of similar specs like maybe the cisco brand that has dual bandwith?

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Hi sfans, if your connection is less than 300 mbps, there will be very little difference. I don't have the chance to try cisco routers. Any idea how much they cost?
New Commentator
If i install OFC still can i use normal cable?.i mean i can use both right!
Esteemed Commentator
Can I use this router for the maxonline ultimate plan in conjuction with the sbv5101i modem?
Android™ Expert

Hi, Yes you can use this router with the cable modem.

Esteemed Commentator
Sorry for asking, So I can use this to connect to my com via cable and other devices like ipad and mobile phones via the wireless right? Thanks!
Esteemed Commentator
Because on the starhub details page, it states that its compatability is for max inifinity plans. So I just wanna be sure and on the dlink web page for its specs, it states gigabit ports, does it mean normal maxonline plans also can support?
Home Networking Expert

You can use it with all maxonline plans. You can connect your com to it and use wireless to connect to your mobile devices at the same time. Gigabit port means it can achieve a maximum speed of 1000Mbps. The motorola modem port is 100Mbps while I guess your plan is below 30Mbps(That is the max speed your motorola can support for internet). This router is more than enough.

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The router has a WAN port. Just plug the cable modem to the WAN port. You can even use the HubStation Internet with this router!

Trusted Contributor

Anyone has hook on the DLink DIR-865L_router via cisco modem (CP 3925) with cable ultimate (100mbps) package.


Can you comment here ?


My current modem is 3meters away & 2 wall in between. (study room - Masterbed room)


How much is the signal drop from 60mbps (direct cable connection).. ??

Esteemed Commentator

i have changed to this router current but my bandwidth is still limited at 26kbps for download speed for a wired connection. i suppose its because i am using the SBV5101i modem. would that be correct? any recommendation as to which modem should i change to?

Home Networking Expert

Which plan are you on? The speed is 26kbps or 26 mbps?

Android™ Expert

Hi teoahbear,


If you meant 26mbps, thats probably because your cable modem only supports up to 30mbps. But if you are getting 26kbps, do check your lan cables.

Esteemed Commentator

sorry on the typo. its 26mbps. i am on maxonline ultimate plan. if i were to get a docsis 3.0 modem, would i be able to attain the 100mpbs or somewhere near there or the 100mbps is referring to starhub sites only?

Home Networking Expert

Change your modem to DOCSIS 3.0. Your current one is 2.0 and thus the speed is limited. You will be able to get a much better speed with a DOCSIS 3.0 with maxonline ultimate. Refer to this link to know the average expected speed.

Valued Contributor

Can the D-Link DIR-865L support Starhub 1Gbps fibre's speed connected via cat6 LAN cable?  What's the max achievable speed?