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My personal Samsung Galaxy Note9 review

Hub Executive

Ahh… the Note 9. To be completely honest with you, every time someone mentions Samsung Note, I instantly have this image in my head:


Yes, I think of explosions and those articles about how the battery of the Note 7 is well, deadly.


Okay but you have to trust me when I say that’s all in the past and you are safe from explosions of all sorts (don’t worry, I’m also a very kiasi Singaporean). I’ve toyed around with the phone for over a week and my mere unharmed existence is enough to justify the safety of the phone.


That aside, I’m sure all of you have this one burning question for me – Is the Samsung Galaxy Note9 a yea or nay?


I’m no tech guru at all so this is coming from a completely functional usage/lifestyle point of view but yes, if you ask me, I’d say that this is a yea.


I’ve tested out several other new Android phones launched this year and frankly speaking, the functions of the Note9 are pretty similar to the ones in the S9 but the thing that really made it a yea for me would be the S-Pen.


I know many of you are probably thinking “What’s so special about this S-Pen? Isn’t just like a stylus?” Well, you’re very wrong my dear friend.


Basically what sets this apart from a normal stylus would be the fact that it’s Bluetooth-enabled. That itself already gives the pen 10 times more capabilities than just a typical stylus cause what that means is that you now have the power to control your phone from a distance.


Case in point: selfie/we-fie taking. With a simple click of the side button, you can take a photo of yourself or your friends (not much of a selfie taker but well, as you can see, it’s easy to use even for non-selfie takers like me)


Alternatively, if you’re like me and you HATE bringing your laptops to meetings, then you can use this pen as your PowerPoint clicker.


And the good thing is, you can easily charge your S-Pen by simply placing it back in its dock (which is also made for people like me who misplace everything).


Apart from that, I must say that the battery life of the phone is really quite power. I think most of you understand the struggles of having a phone with a horrible battery life – always having to either lug that monstrous powerbank around or asking your group of friends “Eh you got bring portable charger? My phone no batt already”. I can’t tell you specifically how long the battery will last but I never really had to worry about not having a portable charger with me when I brought out this phone.


There’s also a larger infinity display on this phone, something which made my mother go “Wah the screen so big! I like leh”. I’m personally not a fan of huge screens cause I dislike that awkward moment when you’re using your phone in public and the person next to you can see everything you’re typing/reading. But if you’re anything like my mother (who claims that she is old and needs a bigger screen) then you’ll love the Note9.


So yes, that’s my 2 cents worth of what I feel about the new Samsung Galaxy Note9. Again, I’m no tech expert so my review was based completely on usability and functionality. It’s a pretty neat gadget that can do so many things and the S-pen is really quite incredible.


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