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Logitech X300 Wireless Stereo Speaker Review

Reviewed by Chester Tan (


I recall the euphoria when I first heard the Logitech Mini Boombox Speakers. Then I reviewed the UE Mobile Boombox, which I thought sounded similar to the former. This time round, I took on the Logitech X300, which comes with a few design improvements to make the product stand out among the competitors.


It's not just about the audio quality

Let's be realistic. You cannot expect audiophile quality from small speakers. What it offers is an attractive unique design, tough rubbery coat and rigid speaker grille that screams durability. The X300 pumps audio via two front-facing angled speaker drivers and two side-facing passive subwoofers. The result is a more filling sound compared to the usual blocky speakers.

And just like the UE Mobile Boombox, you will find 3 buttons on the top of the speaker to control volume and for Bluetooth pairing. You can also use 3.5mm audio cables to play music if your device does not support Bluetooth.

It's really about the audio quality

Let's also be realistic. You cannot expect a consumer to part money for an audio product that does not sound good enough. Without any audio equalizer adjustment, the X300 delivers a warm open sound, with reasonable bass and shy treble. Run it through a graphic equalizer (I used Poweramp for Android) and the potential is unleashed. Boost the 100Hz and 12KHz should do the trick to bring out the hidden bass and treble sparkle. Highly recommended if you don't fancy the flat sound.

Compared to the Mini Boombox and UE Mini Boombox, the X300 produces less distortion. Where I have experienced buzzing frequency playing piano tracks on the earlier speakers, I get no such annoyance on the X300. I am also getting louder volume from the X300 compared to the UE Mini Boombox, but when it gets too loud for the X300 to handle, its internal audio processor kicks in, resulting in occasional suppression of volume. I noticed it occurring frequently when I apply custom equalizer.


The major quibble I have is that the power button is hard to locate, indicated only with the power icon flushed with the surface. I would have preferred a hardware button like the UE Mobile Boombox. Some people might be put off by the relatively short battery life, but it's convenient to charge using standard micro USB.



At S$99, the X300 performs within expectations relative to the product price point and design characteristics. I am surprised as how good it can sound when I apply custom equalizer settings, as the speaker can well handle the increased bass and treble boost. This speaker is a great companion for listening music or watching movies from your portable devices. It is loud enough for closed-door events, and is a splendid product as gifts for your music-loving friends (I did buy one myself, ready to be wrapped up for gifting).


Dimensions: 69 x 152 x 71 mm
Weight: 335g
Battery life: 5 hours
Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 10m wireless range
Wired Connectivity: 3.5mm audio cable
Voice Profile: Bluetooth-Hands-Free Profile (HFP1.6)


Rating: 3.9 of 5



This article first appeared on Music.Photo.Life.
Twitter/Instagram: @musicdiary