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How to have unlimited storage with a Google Account

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How to have unlimited storage with a Google Account

Yes, you read that right. With good house keeping, one can enjoy unlimited storage with a Google Account. Takes abit of work but well worth the effort.

  1. Gmail - Search for attachments, download and then delete these emails. Remember to empty your Trash. If necessary store the attachments in Google Drive. See No. 2.
  2. Google Drive - Use native Google formats i.e. Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings etc. Convert MS Office files into Google formats. Unless your document is complex, most will convert nicely. For Excel, charts may not be convert well. Formatting for Google format is not as refined as MS Office but functional.
  3. Pictures/ Videos - Upload to, use High Quality mode. These will not count towards storage. If you accidentally upload in Original, there's option to compress to High Quality.
  4. PDFs - Convert to Google format or images. If images, insert these into a Google Doc and these will not count towards storage.

This is what I have:

  • Photos - Over 100,000 (storage use -zero)
  • Drive - Over 1,000 documents (storage use - zero)
  • Gmail - Over 30,000 emails (storage use - 700MB I have some emails that I cannot be bothered to delete. Essentially email attachments with PDFs. However too lazy to do the conversion for these. Maybe after 10 years, will delete as I really don't refer to them)


Some of the really good benefits of using Google Drive:

  1. Documents/ Certificates/ Receipts - Scan these as JPEG. Then insert these into a Google Doc. That way, you will be able to access these when needed. Say good bye to hunting for that illusive item. Examples include vaccination certificate, IDs, insurance certificates, proof of payment e.g. traffic fines etc.
  2. Access - Access using Android, Chromebook, PC etc.
  3. Search - Google Drive includes Googles powerful search functions. It will search titles, within the docs.
  4. Collaboration - Share with family members or others e.g. documents.
  5. Backup - Since files are stored online, no more worrying about hard disk crash, loss of files etc.
  6. Media - Using Chromecast, show family photos on a TV screen. The kids love it. With proper labelling/ housekeeping, locate that favourite photo or occasion.

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