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How To Save Data Like A Boss This Holiday Season (So You Can Spend It Later)

Alumni (Retired)

‘Tis the season to be jolly… And also use your social apps in interesting ways when you gather with your friends this holiday season.


But with all sharing of joy and happiness via live videos on social apps like Snapchat or Instagram also brings with it a heavy burden - excess data charges.


You’ve all heard the saying that “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”, so here’s a 3-step guide on how to save on your day-to-day data usage like a boss so you can spend it all when you’re with your friends!


1) Stick to WiFi - AT ALL TIMES


I cannot stress how important this setting is. If you’re visiting a friend’s home and they have WiFi, don’t be too shy to ask them for the password. It’s unlimited and they won’t get charged extra for it anyway.


If you’re at office and they provide free WiFi, use it, abuse it and never look back.


If you’re out at MRT stations, by all means, register and log on to Wireless@SG to save more data!


Out shopping and need to WhatsApp a friend at the mall? Make sure you’re at one of those malls that offer free WiFi. What? What do you mean there’s no WiFi? How barbaric! No shopping here then. <stomps away>


how-i-feel-when-theres-no-wifi-aming-10243217Don’t ever forget to switch off Cellular Data (if you’re on Android) and WiFi Assist (if you’re on iPhone). It’s always good to ensure your phone has no other option to download stuff from.


2) Update Data Settings for your favorite Apps


We stalk our friends aggressively every single day (don’t deny it) and we open up our social apps once we see a notifcation from a friend we love. But with every poke of that notification to open the app, we automatically request for the network to refresh the data on that app and bring us the update.


So here are a few suggestions to slowing that automatic data drainage on your favorite Apps.


Google Play: Turn Off Background App Updates
- Open Google Play and Tap on Settings
- Tap on “Auto-update apps” and change it to “Auto-update over Wi-Fi only


Facebook: Stop autoplaying videos
- Open the Facebook app, tap the triple-line button in the upper-right corner and then tap Settings.
- Select App Settings.
- Tap Autoplay and then choose either On Wi-Fi Connections Only or Never Autoplay Videos.


Twitter: Stop autoplaying videos
- Open the Twitter app, tap your Profile Photo on the top left corner
- Tap on Settings and privacy.
- Tap Data usage.
- Tap Video autoplay and High-quality video and then choose either Wi-Fi only or Never.
- Check that your Sync data setting is also set to disabled.


Instagram: Stop preloading videos and photos
- Open Instagram, head to your profile page and open settings.
- Tap Cellular Data Use.
- Tap to turn on the toggle switch for Use Less Data.


YouTube: Change Wi-Fi-only settings
- Open the YouTube, tap the account profile button in the upper-right corner and tap Settings.
- Tap on General and go to Limit mobile data usage to turn on the toggle switch to only stream HD Video on Wi-Fi.


Spotify: Change the download settings
- Launch the Spotify app and tap on the Your Library tab
- Open the Streaming Quality cell.
- Disable the Download Using Cellular option.
- Then download your collection using WiFi (I hope you already have a huge microSD card)


This list is not exhaustive and you’re welcome to add the Data Saving settings for your favorite apps via reply to this post below. Sharing is caring! Smiley Wink


3) Free Apps


If you’ve already done all that and are wondering why your data is still trickling away, a possible cause may be all those free gaming apps you download to play on-the-go with your data on. Especially if the apps have pop-up ads that you need to click on or watch to get points for those free games.


Yes, they’re not actually built into the free game and yes, even though the games are free to play, they do use your data to push the ads to you. I’ll not recommend you pay for such apps but do remember to switch your data off when playing. Smiley Wink




It's always recommended to check your current billing cycle via My StarHub App and your social calendar first before actually planning out how to best maximise the data bundle available for you. 


But once you’ve done everything above, you may master the art of saving your data like a boss and reach the ultimate achievement below:


This will be replaced on 11 Dec 2017.This will be replaced on 11 Dec 2017.Yes, that’s really a screenshot of my data usage for my billing cycle 12 Oct 2017 to 11 Nov 2017.


Now that you've saved all that data, you're now ready to head out anytime to party this holiday season away! 


Do you guys have any extreme hacks to save data too? Share them here! Smiley Very Happy


- Amy