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DLink DIR-868L : DLink Improved Wireless AC Router

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I have had the chance to test out DLink's first wireless AC router, the 865L. Results were promising and StarHub has eventually launched it for boardband subscribers. But we can't just stop there! Now, I have been given the chance (again) to test out the DIR-868L. The main difference between them is that 868L (supposedly?) has better range than its 865L sibling. Here, I will be testing and reporting the difference between the two routers!


Read on to find out more!



The Exterior


The outlook of the two routers are worlds apart. As many of you would know, the 865L stands tall and slim. It resembles a large piece of chocolate (*hungry*)! While the 868L looks round and fat, like a large cylindrical battery. Look at the picture below for comparison.




The Performance


I only received the router 2 hours ago, initially testing tells me that the range and signal strength of the router is better than 865L. This was done using my phone (Nexus 5). A more formal test will be done when I manage to find the time to do so. Speed test done on my phone revealed no significant difference in speed. A more thorough test done using a PC would be able to reveal more.


Another major difference is that the 868L has USB 3.0 port, which will allow you to use USB 3.0 compatible HDD/Flash drives and not be limited to USB 2.0 speed (like in 865L). Further testing is to be done to signify the difference. 


I will update this article when I have completed the testing. Do keep a look out on this space!


Meanwhile, you may refer to this article for my review on DIR-865L.

I am not a staff from StarHub. My post does not represent StarHub in any way.
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Hi I am roger a starhub subscriber


When do you reckon starhub will roll out DIR 868 for fiber subsciber. thanks

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Recently got 868L router, anybody could you please tell us how to control band width on Mac address?