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Chromebooks - Cost Effective and Functional Computing

Honored Advisor

The following describes the computing needs of most users:

  1. Personal Information Management - Email, contact, task management.
  2. Productivity - Spread sheets, presentation, word processing and editing graphics.
  3. Media - Store/ watch photos/ videos, listen to music, read ebooks etc.
  4. Archive - Archive records/ documents.
  5. Web surfing - General web surfing.



In general, most of the above can be meet using Chromebooks with the following caveats:

  1. Comfortable with the Google ecosystem or prepared to use the Google applications such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings etc.
  2. Specialized or favourite applications are available online or via Google Play Store.
  3. Have access to a stable internet connection.


Benefits of Chromebooks:

  1. Fast setup - Connect to WiFi, sign into Google Account. Start working!
  2. Fast bootup - Literally seconds.
  3. Secure - Chrome OS is a cut down version of LINUX with hardenend kernels. Chrome OS has a dual partition with identical copies of the OS. They are compared during start up to detect issues. This makes it resistant to hacks and is generally robust. This is why there is no need to install anti virus of firewalls and greatly simplifies computing.
  4. Chrome OS Updates are painless - Contrast this with Windoze which can cause issues and even file corruption.
  5. Unlimited storage - Yes, you heard that right, with good housekeeping, it is possible to enjoy unlimited storage. See this for further reading.
  6. File Access - In the event of device loss, since files are stored on the cloud, access via another Chromebook, PC or Android device. Work anywhere! No need to worry about backups!
  7. Google Play Store - Install apps from Google Play Store.
  8. Long battery life - Easily 8 hours.
  9. Cost effective - Available via Amazon from USD 170.
  10. Reset - Made a mistake? No problem, upload local files to Drive and do a Powerwash. Connect to WiFi, sign into Google Account and you are back in business!

For better performance, recommend the following specifications:

  1. RAM - 4GB and above (although it will do nicely)
  2. Local stoage - 32G and above. In general, it is better to have less stored on local storage to minimize risk of data loss in event of device damage or loss.
  3. Storage port - Get a unit with a MicroSD port for flexibility.
  4. USB C - Consider getting a unit with USB C ports since these are the way of the future. There are adapters available with HDMI, USB 2.0, LAN port if desired.

Chromebooks are simple and hassle free to operate. This makes then ideal for kids, elderly or less tech savvy.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke