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Android Auto

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Android Auto

Android Auto (AA) became officially available in Singapore Nov 2018 for Android phones with Lollipop (5.0), ideally Marshmallow (6.0) and above. To get the best experience, have an AA supported Head Unit (HU). Alternatively, install a third party HU such as Pioneer if this is not available. Benefits of AA:

1. Voice Commands - Use voice commands to:

  • Navigate e.g. Ok Google take me to Changi Airport Terminal 2
  • Play podcasts/ music e.g. Ok Google play Dire Straits
  • Take notes e.g. Ok Google note to self "appointment with ABC confirmed 9 Oct 1500 hrs at City Square Mall"
  • Get information e.g. Ok Google what is the weather like
  • Make calls e.g. Ok Google call ABC mobile
  • Text e.g. Ok Google text ABC "ETA 1500 hrs"

2. Navigation - Choose between Waze or Google Maps. Turn by turn insructions will be displayed

3. Podcasts/ music - Use applications such as Pocket Cast, Tunein, Google Music. Great for those long drives.

4. Text - Supports Hangouts, SMS and Whatsapp


AA works well. Give it a go for a safer driving experience :-).

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