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Alert: New Phishing Email Purportedly Sent by StarHub about Your Billing Account

Community Relationship Manager

Thanks to @ReignOfComputer, we’ve been alerted that some StarHub customers are receiving phishing emails that look so convincing - complete with StarHub’s logo, mentions of StarHub’s products and services, that someone might just accidentally give away their personal details and fall victim to these scamming sites if not careful.


Here are some samples of the email and how to identify if it’s a scam:


2019_email_phishing (002).png

  1. The sender's email address is not an official StarHub email address. StarHub's official emaill address should end with
  2. The content, although sounds legit enough (talks about your billing account), seems very vague. e.g. What "billing information" is required?


Email Sample 1.png


4) In this email above, the footnote mentioned "Grab" instead of "StarHub", which is obviously an email template and they've forgotten to edit the Company's name!



These are some tell-tale signs of a phishing email, do not click or share your personal details with these websites. 


With My StarHub App and My Account Management, you can easily check and update your StarHub account details and download your e-bills. If in doubt, feel free to contact us for verification of these emails and websites. 


Have you spotted any scamming/phishing emails similar to these? Share with us! 




1 Comment
Community Relationship Manager




Hi everyone, please be aware of this phishing email going around. this email claimed to be Netflix requesting me to update my payment method. There are so many telltale signs that this is fake: 


1) subject title says renewed bill, and a reservation for hotel beach. I don't have a hotel reservation at the location stated, and I've never been to that place either. 

2) N€tflix. Really?? 
3) the emails copied in the email are also very questionable 


4) I'm sure Netflix can spell better 


Have you received the same email or any other phishing emails from other known companies? Share it here so our members can be made aware. 

thank you! -Jolene