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A Day with my Mate @ StarHub

Android™ Expert

Yesterday, 27 Oct 2018, was the launch day for Huawei’s Mate 20 series at Causeway Point (CWP). I have been hyped up and eagerly waiting for this device since its announcement! Headed down to Causeway Point an hour earlier than the time StarHub store opens and was already greeted by an amazing crowd!Photo 27-10-18, 10 32 42.jpgLarge crowd an hour before the event starts

 Patiently waited for the store to open and whilst waiting, StarHub staff offered us drinking water which I thought was a good gesture.Photo 27-10-18, 11 00 38.jpgKudos to StarHub CWP!

Come 11am, the shuttle opens and we were ushered in an orderly manner to reserve our own set of Mate 20s. When it was finally my turn to place a reservation, the stock ran out. Tough luck but luckily the staff were professional and ensured me that stocks are coming in soon. They took down my phone number and promised me a call when the stock arrives. In less than 5 minutes, I was informed that the stocks has arrived and I was hastily served by a friendly counter staff. Kundos and thumbs up to the staff at StarHub CWP!


Now this is where the nightmare comes, collection of the free gifts that comes with the phone on launch day. Poor planning by the event organiser has led to a centralised collection point for (almost) every single store carrying the Mate 20 series in CWP. The queue for purchasing the phone directly from Huawei and the queue for redemption of free gifts were all messed up and without proper crowd control.



Photo 27-10-18, 13 00 14.jpgCan you tell where does the redemption and purchase queue start?

The ground management was so poor; the queue was made to form and cut across right in front of the ‘viewing’ stage. The poor invited DJs and Artists could only engage with the people in the queue who were more than irritated by the long waiting hours.Photo 27-10-18, 15 13 33.jpgSonia Chew from 987 FM! I could only snap this while I am in the queue, otherwise it is impossible.

This whole episode lasted 5 hours for me; 1 hour of waiting before the store opens, 1 hour at StarHub and 3 hours just to redeem free gifts. I have been using the phone for almost 24 hours and it is impressing me. Great phone, but the event could have been managed better.

Photo 27-10-18, 16 13 11.jpgI got myself a Mate 20 Pro!


Photo 27-10-18, 16 13 16.jpgIt has similar curved edge as Samsung's flagships.


Photo 27-10-18, 16 13 31.jpgThe twilight colour is pretty!


Photo 27-10-18, 16 19 00.jpgFree gifts includes JBL Link 10, 128GB NM Card, Card reader and 15 W wireless charger!




I am not a staff from StarHub. My post does not represent StarHub in any way.