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Review of Lenova Thinkpad 8

Esteemed Consultant

Again, I would like to thank Starhub for allowing me to try out the new Lenova Thinkpad 8. Let me begin.


Lenova Thinkpad 8

Currently I do owned a tablet but it is a 7 inches andriod tablet and when I hold this 8 inches Lenova Thinkpad 8, it doesn’t feel any different at.


The only difference is now I am reviewing a Windows Tablet, the feel is that everything I see on the screen is now “zoom in”. If you have a normal say 14 inches notebook and suddenly you try to use a 8 inches tablet. It doesn’t blend in yet until maybe you try it out for at least 8 hrs, then you will get the hang of it.


The tablet version of Windows is exactly of what you see on the windows 8 on the notebook. You have the familiar start button at the left corner of the tablet and Lenova has actually put back the task bar on the bottom of the screen for fast and easy access for all your commonly used accessories like you internet explorer button, you can continue to add more buttons to this task bar by a “continuous press” action, it will pop up the familiar listings of “Toolbars”, “Task Manager”, “Lock the taskbar”, “Properties” and etc..



The “Home” button is still located in the bottom the tablet, the “Power” button is still located on the right side at the top, coming down after that will be your “Volume” button and the next will be the charging port which is a micro USB3.0 design. Charging takes about 5 to 7 hours to fully charge the tablet.


Some other buttons that comes with this model are as follows:-

  1. Emergency-reset hole
  2. Micro USB 3.0 Connector
  3. Combo audio connector
  4. Micro HDMI connector
  5. Micro SD card reader
  6. Micro-SIM-card slot
  7. Ambient light sensor
  8. Front-facing camera (2 mega-pixel)
  9. Microphones

At the rear of the tablet we have the rear-facing camera with a flash (8 mega-pixel), “System-status indicator” & “Speakers”.



CPU : Intel® Atom™ CPU Z3795 @ 1.60 Ghz

RAM : 2.00 GB (1.89 usable)

System type : 32-bit Operating System x64 based processor

Pen & Touch : Full Windows Touch Support with 10 Touch Points



  • Dragontrail Glass

  • Size : 210.82 mm(8.3 inches)

  • Screen resolution : 1200 x 1920 pixels

  • Automatic brightness control (Ambient light sensor)

    I have tried out this feature, it is great, once you are outside under the sun, the document you are reading will auto dim down the lightings for you and if it detect that the lightings around you is not enough, it will brightened up for you.
























Wireless features

  • Bluetooth 4.0 (on some models)

  • Wireless LAN (802.11a/g/n)

  • Wireless WAN(on some model)

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite receiver (on models with wireless WAN)



  • Width : 224.3mm (8.83inches)

  • Depth : 132mm (5.20 inches)

  • Height : 8.8mm (0.35 inche)




  • 20.5 Wh Li-Polymer battery

    Power Source(ac power adapter)

  • Sine-wave input at 50 to 60 Hz

  • Input rating of the ac power adaptor: 100 V ac to 240 V ac



ThinkPad8 Quickshot Cover

  • It is something that you should get if you purchase this tablet

  • It is easy to use, just bring the cover edge close to the left side of the tablet and immediately the magnetised portion will be instantly stick to the tablet (I am afraid I not able to review this part as I only have visual contacts)

  • If you need to use the camera, the cover allow the camera portion to be folded allowing the camera to take picture, very ingenious design.

It also allow you to put the tablet in a standing position, again just bend the cover in the lower portion and perfect for watching youtube.


Thinkpad dock keyboard

This is another accessory you might want to consider buying. If you want full office mobility, it is worth getting this for easy and fast typing to manage your office work more efficiently.


What’s new

Lenova Companion

You must really try out this apps, it actually comprises of the apps created by Lenovo under “One Roof”.


You get know Lenovo better here as all the feautures you want are located here examples:-


  1. Lenovo Warrant (Learn how about the warranty coverage)
  2. Windows 8.1 Updates (Learn about the latest addition of the new windows 8.1)
  3. Accessories (Introduction of new gadgets)
  4. Games (Windows Store Apps)
  5. Connect to a TV (Shows you how to do it)
  6. Speed Up Your PC (Fixes for your computer)
  7. Edit Photos & Videos
  8. NFC (Pair and share information between devices without an Internet connection)
  9. Fingerprint Reader
  10. Mil-Spec Durability (Ready for the most extreme conditions)
  11. Iolo System Mechanic (PC health check)
  12. Connect your Devices (Using DLNA with Windows 8.1)
  13. Watch TV & Movies
  14. Protect Your PC
  15. Getting Started (Steps to a great start with your Lenovo PC!)
  16. Settings (Access all your settings)
  17. Life (Meet the band with videos exclusive to Companion)
  18. Lenovo Youtube
  19. Lenovo Blogs
  20. Pokki (New experience for Windows 8.1, windows apps for easy access to your apps on the desktop)
  21. Shareit (MS app let’s you rapidly share across devices)















Lenova Companion-e.jpgLenova-Companion-b.jpg




























Camera – I tried using the build in camera for some shots and surprisingly it produce very good photos.

Below are some of the shots taken under normal lightings.

LENOVA_SH - WIN_20140728_142427.JPG


















LENOVA_SH - WIN_20140728_142547.JPG



















LENOVA_SH - WIN_20140731_191503.JPG














Picture A.JPG










































* This picture is edited using Lenova picture editing tools, the picture looks good.

LENOVA_SH - WIN_20140731_191529.JPG














LENOVA_SH - WIN_20140728_232451.JPG















* The night shoot is a little underperform as I believe the camera is not build to take shots like this.


Another feature I like about the camera section is the the wide angle function where you can take pictures in 3 parts and then the apps will help to join them to become one, so that you can capture a wider angle, very good for scenery takings.


Lenova - extend your photo angle to 180 degree



I tried one of the more cpu demanding games “Asphalt 7: Heat” , the graphic is quite amazing, the game went on smoothly without any hitch. I am no gamer but comparing it with my old tablet, it is much much faster in terms of cpu.


There are 2 speakers build behind the tablet which makes the sound effect super.



I really love to use it to watch youtube movies, playing it in HD mode is really fantastic, I love the sound quality and there is no lack in speed. So far, the screen is just nice for me where I can watch it on the go.



























Finally, I think investing in Lenova Thinkpad 8 is well worth it, if you have a window 8 notebook, then most likely all your apps can easily be synchronize with each other. Your documents, pictures and videos will be available on both equipments which make your life easier. With the tablet, your work can be at home and at work. I find it very productive.


I hope more developers can jump into the windows platform, currently, android market has more apps than windows, hopefully, in 1 or 2 years time, we can see more interesting apps than windows will definitely play a important role in the tablet/notebook/mobile worlds.