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How To Register Your Interest Like a Pro


To ensure a smooth registration process, just be mindful of these 3 things.




1) Clear your bills

Be sure to pay off any outstanding bills! Check your account balance via My StarHub App or My Account Manager. Then proceed to e-Pay outstanding bills at least a day before you register.




2) Check your contract length

You’ll need to complete at least 12 months of your mobile contract on the day you register. And if it’s less than 21 months, do note that there’s an early recontract fee. You can easily look up your contract status via My StarHub App or My Account Manager




3) Use one NRIC per registration

We only allow one registration per NRIC and it should belong to the mobile subscriber, i.e. you. Remember to check your details – you can’t edit or resubmit your form after submission.


Now go ahead and register like a pro!