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Ever wanted to try “touchless” hand controls like the movie Minority Report?

Android™ Expert

LEAP motion fingers

LEAP motion device is a flagship device, which is a motion detector that senses the movement of your fingers. It uses a combination of infrared and camera technology to accurately measure finger movements. Speculation says that it will take over the future of peripherals like the mouse.


You will be blown away by the sensitivity and fast response of this device. It can sense up to a millimeter accuracy. However there is a slight learning curve for us to get used to the controls. Majority of the successful apps lies in games and music only. Work like photo editing or Autodesk are frustrating as there are many errors in terms of accuracy. I spend more time to get the gesture movement correct, than real work done. Since this is only version 1.0, we will expect more improvement in terms of software and gesture accuracy in the future. For more demo please take some time to view my review above.


You can start purchasing your LEAP device here for only $79.90USD.