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Starhub TV billing

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Starhub TV billing

I am starting this topic hoping to get some answers. I have been charged  with subscriptions to channels which I didn't order and wouldn't never ever watch them because I wouldn't understand the language. Added to this, I was told that these channels subscriptions were part of a promotional event and that I received a speaker via redemption. However, I have never received or redeem anything from Starhub let alone a speaker. I have spoken to Starhub billing on numerous occasions, but was told that they are following it up and will get back to me. It's been over four months and it's still unresolved. Meanwhile Starhub continues to include those channel subscriptions charges in monthly bill. I will continue to contact Starhub about this, but I am open to suggestions on how to speed up the refund process and put a stop on this fradulant activity. I am concern that my account's security has been compromised and Starhub doesn't seem to take it seriously. Looking forward to all your comments.

Thanks, RG.

Community Manager

Re: Starhub TV billing

Hi RG2308


Thank you for waiting. Have you already been attended?


If you haven't, please contact our Sales hotline at 1630 or write in via our > Online Feedback Form < where our colleagues will provide you with dedicated assistance on your order and the details of the promotion you've signed up for.


- Amy
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Re: Starhub TV billing

Thanks for the tips Amy. It's just disappointing that Starhub needed months to rectify the issue.