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Signing up for surfhub

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Signing up for surfhub

A follow up to my own enquiry previously over at the community here. Since no one reply, i tried calling to starhub and finally manage to call through to the sales dept of starhub, the guy told me that surfhub no longer available although it does still appear over at the starhub website. Only home hub is available for sign up.


A side note to starhub, you may want to remove it since no longer available or at least write a note saying it is no longer available for sign up. So that potential customer who are interested will not make a wasted trip down to ur retail starhub shop, like what I did. Not a good marketing strategy. You wasted my time and lose a new customer.


Previous post 'Hi, i went to causeway point starhub yesterday, wanting to sign up for the surfhub, but was told by the customer service staff there that the surfhub is no longer available for sign up. Customer can only sign up for the home hub bundle or separate sign up of mobile and fibre at retail starhub shop.


He also say the bundle for broadband and mobile that is on your website no longer exist. Is that true? He even say, it is not available for a long time already. Please advise. Feeling confuse.'

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Re: Signing up for surfhub

Hi nao87, I'll assist you further in PM. Thank you