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Starhub Renewal

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Starhub Renewal

Dear Admin,


I am currently using home hub go 15 plan with a mobile line number.


I would like to know if I could retain my existing number if I sign up a new line as starhub no longer offer a recontact for this plan. 


I was told by the customer service that I have to get a new line with new number. This is ridiculous as we are only able to maintain the number for 24months and can only retain the number without any re- contract. 


Please kindly provide a solution for this. 

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Re: Starhub Renewal

Dear Admin,


Can any reply this thread?





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Re: Starhub Renewal



HomeHub Go plan consist of Broadband and TV and Mobile line services.

Once the HomeHub Go contract end and each service is independent.

Since the contract &or the plan no longer exist your mobile line will be standalone mobile service.

You can continue to use the same mobile line number by recontract to any other mobile plans.


Hence there is no need to sign-up a new line at all.

By doing so the sales staff may consider you as to take a new mobile line instead to continue to use the existing mobile line you have.

Just do recontract on your existing mobile line number to any mobile plans available.


Do note that HomeHub plan still exist for both Broadband and TV services.




i am not starhub staff. 

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Re: Starhub Renewal

To add on...

i think certain Starhub outlets only do selected customer service transactions, thus you may get the wrong information when you visit those.

So I only go to the main outlet like Nex, that does all transactions.

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Re: Starhub Renewal

Hi Eric & Onyx,


Thanks for your clafication!


I made call to starhub customer service and was told that there is no recontract for my homehub go line.

Only ways is to get a new line and new number.


I need some clarification for starhub staff as well as we would hold a post-paid line for 24 months only. I might as well buy pre-paid card if I keep on wanting to change number.



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Re: Starhub Renewal

Hi  @FreeMa17


Since Starhub CS still have not response to you here.

Please do write to Starhub CS via >  Send private message to Starhub CS  


Please submit and provide with the following information;

Message Subject:

Registered subscriber full Name, NRIC/FIN number, account (if any) and your contact & email.

Description:  Do include any other queries here &or this thread for reference.


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?







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Re: Starhub Renewal

Hi Eric,


Thanks for the advise and I will pm the CS with regards to my issues.


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Re: Starhub Renewal

Hi FreeMa17


I see your PM and have replied to you. 


- Amy