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Starhub Go Streaming Box

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Starhub Go Streaming Box



If i buy the Starhub Go Streaming Box for the one time fee $199 and use my current Hub ID which i already subscribe to Starhub TV basic Tier 4 and Starhub TV Go, do i still need to subscribe for the Starhub Go Family pack at $14.90(at the end of the 6 months free promotion) in order to watch the Live Tv channels on the Starhub Go Steaming box ? Or paying for the Starhub TV Tier 4 and Starhub TV Go would mean i can already use my current Hub ID to login and watch on the Go Streaming Box ?



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Re: Starhub Go Streaming Box



Starhub Go Streaming Box is bundle with Go Family and Go Select packs free 6 months.

As this is opt-out option and so you may need to opt-out at the end of the free period.

> Go Family packs channels list


Please refer to the manual on setting up your Hub ID in Go Streaming Box.

> Starhub Go Streaming Box - Set Up Guide




i am not starhub staff.

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Re: Starhub Go Streaming Box

Emailed Starhub and got a call- back.

Here's the answer from Starhub :

Starhub Go Streaming Box requires a separate Go Family Pack subscription.

If you have a Starhub TV Tier 4 subscription and subscribe to Starhub TV Go at $5 per month, this means you can watch the channels available on Starhub Go app on your tablet or mobile which you subscribe to under your Tv Tier 4, under your Hub ID.

However, this (Starhub Tv Tier 4 + Starhub TV Go subscription) will NOT enable you to watch Starhub Go on the Go Streaming Box using your Hub ID. The only way to watch on your Go Steaming Box is to add another Internet TV (aka the Family Go Subscription @ $14.90 per month).

Previously i had also asked if it was possible to watch Starhub Go simultaneous on different devices and the answer was : no, only 1 device can be connected to watch Starhub Go via 1 Hub ID.

Hmm, this makes the Go Streaming Box very unappealing if I already have the Tier 4 + Starhub TV Go subscription, i mean i just need a chromecast (around $50) and cast from Starhub Go app on my mobile phone or tablet to the TV.

And i wonder if this means i can cancel my Starhub TV Go($5 per month), sign up for the Starhub Go Family package($14.90 per month) and watch on my mobile phone / tablet (but just cannot watch at the same time on my mobile phone and the Go Streaming Box).

I just feel that these new services : Starhub TV Go and the Starhub Go Streaming Box plans haven't been thought out well, particularly how the Go Streaming Box fits in the overall service coverage of the existing Starhub TV Go plans.

And most of my questions should be easily found in the FAQ to save Starhub and us customers time, but they aren't. Hmm.
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Re: Starhub Go Streaming Box

There are currently only 2 options to get the Starhub Go Streaming Box.


Option #1 Sign up with 1G Fibre BB. Pay $54.80 for 24 months. And get Go Family for 24 months. 24 months contract.


Option #2 Pay $199 one-time charge. Get Go Family for 6 months. No contract. Which means you dun need to be a Starhub Fibre BB subscribers. 


What if I am already a Starhub Fibre BB subscribers? It does seem manifestly unfair that my only option is to pay $199 for the box.


Why is there no option for current Starhub Fibre BB subscribers to pay a lower price for the Starhub Streaming Box? And why am I penalised like non-Starhub Fibre BB subscribers if I choose to get the Starhub Go Streaming Box?