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Singapore IPTV Android TV Box

Honored Contributor

Singapore IPTV Android TV Box

Honored Contributor

Re: Singapore IPTV Android TV Box

Because I live in a house and I don’t like the idea of running surface trunking in the house, I am seriously thinking of dropping my Starhub TV subscription. The only option is the Starhub GO streaming box which sucks big time because it does not offer the full Starhub TV repertoire and it comes without the free-to-air channels. A Google Search returns some promising alternatives from this site:


[External link to unauthorized sales removed]


Any advice from anyone?

Community Manager

Re: Singapore IPTV Android TV Box

Hi ratatouille


Please be warned not to post links to external sites that carries unauthorized copies of our products. Kindly inform us if you see such links in the future, thank you.


We do offer alternatives to trunking now. Kindly walk in to our stores and request for Ethernet Over Coaxial Converters (EOCC) set up. Our technicians will be sent down to your household to conduct a survey first, to know you know if it will be feasible. 


Please note that this is a new initiative, and is not available immediately. Do secure an early date to reduce waiting time.


Hope this helps.


- Jackson
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Re: Singapore IPTV Android TV Box

Thanks Jackson.


I thought I was asking for the community's experience about the type of IPTV boxes that claim to receive Starhub TV programs


No. The Starhub tech came this morning and said that because of the location of my junction box, the EOCC conversion would not work for me; and hence I am desperate to seek alternatives


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Re: Singapore IPTV Android TV Box

Thank you for waiting.


We can still arrange for our technicians to assist you with your Fibre TV services if you'd send us another PM and we'll make the arrangements. 


- Amy