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CareGiving: How to Reduce Physical and Emotional Stress

CareGiving: How to Reduce Physical and Emotional Stress

Community Caregiver

CareGiving: How to Reduce Physical and Emotional Stress




How to reduce Physical and Emotional Stress



Care giving is a long term commitment that is very challenging and tiring both physically and emotionally. Some like me, do not really have a choice, being the eldest in the family. However it is a task that I take on gladly and if given a choice I would choose to do it, even knowing what I know and experience now.  For example looking after my mum during the last days of her life when she had end stage kidney failure was a real blessing for me eventhough I had to leave my job to take her to dialysis 3 times a week. If I have missed this I am not sure if I could answer the question, “have I done enough ?” and will have to carry this throughout my life. Even so, we always ask, could I have done more?


We can lessen or even overcome the physical stress by deploying technology and state of the art equipment. My dad who is 84 and bedridden for almost 5 years now, we are able bring him to the toilet and shower him using a hoist.  Most nights we do not have to change his diaper because we use a very absorbent diaper overnight diaper, and just need to check on him once to make sure all is well.


Little tips on relieving the physical stress and getting enough rest for the Caregivers and also the person being cared goes a long way towards peace and emotional wellbeing of all at home. Especially CareGivers need to make sure they get sufficient rest this will also help to lessen the emotional load.  Physical stress from lack of sleep, will result in lethargic, irritable, short temperedness, which is one of the mina causes of emotional stress and depression, not only in the CareGivers but also the person cared for.


Overnight diapers because they are used for about 9-12 hours should be made of a non-Woven, Breathable material to ensure that the skin is not stressed with heat and urine vapours that are trapped under the diaper.  This causes stress to the patient and potentially may increase the risk of itch and rashes, which could lead to infection and pressure sores. Therefore users should refrain from using Non-breathable Plastic diapers for prolonged overnight use.


One way to know if you diaper is a non-woven breathable material is to check the tapes used to secure the diaper.  If the tapes are the normal sticky tapes, this means that the diapers are using non-breathable plastic, because sticky tapes will not be able to stick on Non-Woven, Breathable diapers. The Non-Woven Breathable diapers can only make use of Velcro tapes to secure the diapers because sticky tapes cannot stick on non-Woven, Breathable material.


Overnight diapers provide more peaceful and restful nights, this is just one effective way Care Givers  can reduce the already challenging task, therefore care givers should look to using technology and the latest product to help ease the load and to protect their physical and consequently emotional wellbeing.