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hubstation infor bar keep appearing

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hubstation infor bar keep appearing

i have hubstation STB for some time, noticed that infor bar keeps popping up without any prompt from the remote ctrl, pressing "up" on ctrl result in channel change (without pressing ok), when changing channel too often it result in auto restart of hubstation..(i got this bcos i can record shows on it, watch on-demand, and my favourite is= pausing live tv,) and it looks like its faulty


i wanna know..


1) can i outright keep the STB by paying off cost of box(wishful thinking or do-able or plain silly,, cause got recordingsMan Frustrated)??  than get another STB

2) any chance its remote ctrl faulty? cause i call tech and was told its STB

3) if i get another STB, any recommendation of other STB similar offer by starhub (NOT HD type)

4) if only get the same type pls tell me whihc outlet (big one) have them; as i can tell u sob story of when callcenter1633 told me got hubstation ($8) @  said location but only to find out HD STB($14) left only and was told ALLL hubstaion no more and tell me somemore other places also dont have... of course all lie cause actually got but dont wanna give.. very sad.... So if u still working there pls say u can confirm availability or not i dontwannahaveanotherheartbreak...


tks man/woman....

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Re: hubstation infor bar keep appearing

Hi F1

I have sent you a PM. Please check.

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