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Worst ever - Fiber TV no IP address assigned

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Worst ever - Fiber TV no IP address assigned

1) Fiber TV installed today, error= No IP address assigned, reboot ONT and set up box 53 times, this error appears every few minutes, impossible to watch any channels, both set up box displayed same error. 


2) Called 1633 - problem not resolved 


3) This Home Hub package is bundled with max mobile, was charged/billed for this even before installation (contract says Billing will only commence after Installation) called 1633 as Starhub did not supply me with the said SIM card - customer service was unable to just send me the SIM Card or remove this item totally - had to refer to their outsourced telesales team for call back, which never came - failed promises again and again for the past 3 weeks of ordeal, severe issues. 


4) Gaps, processes - unable to contact their own outsourced Telesales team, Starhub shop cannot help as we purchase from Telesales team - already escalated this to CASE, also documented all correspondences and calls to be broadcasted across every social media platform possible so that others need not experience the same pain I went through. 



Community Manager

Re: Worst ever - Fiber TV no IP address assigned

Hi Ngeileen, we're sorry to hear about this experience. Can you PM us with your details? We'll look into the matter,   


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