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Why Starhub?

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Why Starhub?

I have 4 mobile lines, fibre internet & cable tv and I have been a starhub subscriber for ages.

Nowadays I don't get time to watch much tv and with Starhub closing down channels abruptly, it doesn't make sense to continue with 3 basic packs. Hence I decided to switch to one of the D'Lite packs. I called 1630 only to be told that I cannot switch to D'Lite unless I switch to Fibre TV.


Now it's a well know fact that lot of people are having set-top box and network problem with Fibre TV (eg 2001 error). Even the sales guy accepted that there are lot of known issues but there is no choice for me - either switch to fibre or if I don't have to pay for the full package, they don't have any problem me disconnecting totally. Pretty neat, right ?


Is that how I should be treated after being a loyal customer for so many years?

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Re: Why Starhub?

Hi Unilator, I understand where you are coming from. However, if you are keen on the d'Lite packs, you will have to switch to Fiber. Perhaps you could suggest what you are looking at and we can find a way to work it out from there? Do drop me a message ---> via PM. - Han