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What is going on at starhub?

New Commentator

What is going on at starhub?

I received a mailer the other day telling me that starhub cable tv is ending in seven months.

In the mailer there was a small advertisement for fibre tv set top boxes.

I went down to Starhub's service centre in Vivo city to try to find out what new alternatives and packages are available. The staff at the service centre told me that the only alternative now is starhub go streaming box.

It is something completely different from what I had expected. It is a streaming device which uses my internet bandwidth to provide me with content. I looked around the service center, and there was only Starhub go streaming box.

I went online to starhub's website and there was only one option, starhub go streaming box. There was no mention of any other device or set top box. There was no option or link on the website from which i can be directed to some information on fibre tv set top boxes. I had to do a direct google search of fibre tv set top box to be able to find a link to this information. Even then, i am unable to find the root page this product information came from.
Does this mean that fibre tv set top boxes are not ready when we are 7 months from completely cutting out our current service?

Are current new customers suckered into an expensive and data hungry 24 month contract if they unknowingly sign up for starhub streaming go now? Only to be later mortified by the dedicated bandwidth fibre tv set top boxes which might be coming out soon?

Or is it starhub's plan to phase out cable tv set top boxes and fibre tv set top boxes as well, forcing everyone to convert to starhub streaming go plans?

What is going on at starhub now?

Respected Advocate

Re: What is going on at starhub?

FibreTV has been on offer for quite some time now (> a year?) and many have already switched over. So it's definitely ready.


I don't think that Starhub GO Streaming Box is meant to be a replacement for Cable TV. Many of the channels on Cable/Fibre are not available on Starhub Go Streaming Box.


My sense is that the staff at the service centre probably misunderstood your question. Starhub Go is indeed meant to be an alternative way of assessing TV content. Fibre TV is not an alternative for Cable, its meant to replace it. 


So probably the staff thought you were asking about an alternative to Fibre/Cable TV packages. 

Alumni (Retired)

Re: What is going on at starhub?

Hi drive1111


To ensure quality viewing of StarHub Fibre TV service provided to you, we strongly encourage that you subscribe to StarHub Fibre Broadband service to support the StarHub Fibre TV service.


Alternatively, you have the option to subscribe to StarHub Fibre TV service without StarHub Fibre Broadband service. However, an additional $16.05/month Fibre Link Access Fee will apply.


You can submit your request at and our sales team will be in touch. 


- Amy
Trusted Commentator

Re: What is going on at starhub?

Hi Amy,

Why must consumer of fibre TV pay a fibre link fee  of 16.05 per mth if they do not want to use starhub broadband service?

I believe there are a number of cable tv users, like me, are currently using broadband service from other service provider. So it doesn't make sense to also subscribe to starhub broadband if they want to use starhub fibre tv.

Although now, Starhub is offering free 2 year broadband for cable tv user to convert to fibre TV, the charge for broadband will still apply in future once the offer period is over.


I currently have no plan to terminate my broadband service with another provider, as their service is more reliable than Starhub, which I have bad experiences in the past.


With the number of good channels declining, my family and I may need to consider giving up on our favourite channels if Starhub never improve in their offering.



Community Manager

Re: What is going on at starhub?

Hi drive1111 and lonewolfsg


StarHub Fibre TV is the replacement of StarHub Cable TV.


The reason why drive1111 may get offered StarHub Go Streaming Box as a solution instead is because when we offer Fibre TV, customers may not to take it up due to our Fibre Broadband combo (for customers with an existing internet service provider), or the additional charges involved. Thus, it could be more efficient to start with a StarHub Go Streaming Box offer instead. (The offer is slightly different, but most content stays available in StarHub Go.)

Hope this clarifies. 



As for south_paw


We have heard your feedback, do stay tuned to our website and Facebook for future updates on our plans. Thank you.


- Jackson
Alumni (Retired)

Re: What is going on at starhub?

Hi south_paw


Thank you for sharing your feedback on this charge. We're currently in the midst of reviewing our services and packages. 


Do be patient with us in the meantime and stay tuned for updates.


- Amy
New Commentator

Re: What is going on at starhub?

Currently my Starhub Cable TV contract has already ended and I'm considering recontract and upgrade it to fibre TV since its cable service will end mid 2019. But after finding out from the Customer service officer on 1633, I have to pay additional of $16.05 on top of the monthly subscription + monthly rental for the set-top box just because I'm not a Starhub fibre broadband? I find it ridicules to pay extra per month just to switch to fibre tv, moreover every year the number of channels that I subscribe to keep reducing. Since the cable service will cease in mid 2019, I will wait and see how Starhub is reviewing the services and packages before I make my choice.

Alumni (Retired)

Re: What is going on at starhub?

Hi t3re84


I hear you and we're in the midst of transforming our home services too. Please be patient with us in this interim as we work out how to best cater to our loyal customers.


- Amy