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Unable to exchange faulty remote control due to a crack at casing

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Unable to exchange faulty remote control due to a crack at casing


I'm a more than 2 year Starhub TV customer, recently renew my contract but still keep my old setup.

Finaly my remote control come into faulty , tv and dvd button light on simultaniously , I went to Bugis starhub shop, and the big tall supervisor say I need to purchase a new one due to a crack at my casing. I try to explain to him that I been using that remote for more than 2 years sure got a little bit scratch and crack, but he still refuse to exchange for me, I don't blame him as this could be company pilicy as he just follow instruction.So b4 I buy a new remote I post this matter here and attached a photo and see If I really need to purchase a new one or a free swap. I wonder why starhub need to except an uncrack casing? they repair and recycle the remote to others customer?



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Re: Unable to exchange faulty remote control due to a crack at casing

Hi  @DeeSun


You need to go to Starhub shops that have Customer service related matter.

Although TV service matter is available at most shops.


Below is the shops do have customer service related matter.

StarHub Retail Shops located at Marina Bay Link Mall, Plaza Singapura level 1 and basement, Tampines Mall, Nex, VivoCity.

For the location: Starhub Shops  


Do note that most remote can be used for any HubStation.

Remember to bring the remote control for exchange 1 to 1.

Remote control can be handle by Customer service staff.


Bugis do not have Customer service related matter, as they only handle Sales.

The Customer Service staff may able to decide on charge or not.

(Of course just give an excuse.)



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Unable to exchange faulty remote control due to a crack at casing

Really true others customer service center exchange my remote 1 to 1 no
question asked ! Luckily I hold my horse just before I pay for the new
remote.16 dollars for a new remote is reasonable anyway.
How come bugis shop got different standard deal with customer ? They also
say if one day I return my box and remote and it's crack I need to pay them
anyway, is that true?
Even this forum who answer my questions is a non starhub staff. Anyway
thanks Eric.
I'm writing this just for starhub to improve their service and for the
benefits of others customer.
1633 customer service lady and the philipino staff in bugis is really
patience even though they really cannot do anything to help while I'm at
bugis. this I want to praise them.

So that's all and cheers.

Ps. Can go to bugis to exchange faulty remote if it still looks new. Even
it's not a customer service center.
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Re: Unable to exchange faulty remote control due to a crack at casing

Hi  @DeeSun


TV related issue can be handle at all Starhub shop & any staff, including sales staff.

Bugis only handle sales, although they do handle TV service.

Hence, it is better to go the shops that have Customer Service related staff to attend on TV related matter.


As for the Set-top box, it is belong to Starhub and hence it is their problem to rectify any issue.

Last time when went to make a 1 to 1 exchange on Set-top box, the Sales (i think) staff did it and said Free. No question asked.

(Damaged by me by drop the Set-top box, and inside Harddisk failed.)

As far as i know, some Set-top box are not new, but repaired

Most of the services, some staff can decided whether to charge or not, as i was doing this quite often.

But other staff (both sales &or service) follow strictly to the Company policy, although no need to.


Beside, i do able to have another replacement SIM cards free, as decided by the service staff.

This is how i know that the staff do have some power for them to make decision.


For your info.