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TV remote control issue

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TV remote control issue

Hi Everyone,

 while using the starhub remote control to change channels using the channel up/down button , does it stop half way? Then when when you press the button again, it just goes past the channels you wantted to see? Or while you are pressing the channel number, you only get it right after trying more than once? It is very frustrating. My friends encounter the same problem too. Is there anything starub can do about this? Maybe upgrade to a better HD set to box and remote control?

Grand Guru

Re: TV remote control issue

Remote control for Set-top box do have more features than using TV remote control.


Refer to the link on your Set-top box models; >> Set-Top Box User Guides

Do take a look at the remote control features in order for you to have a better experience in watching.


There are 2 main features on Set-top box remote control.

1.  Basic.  

This is similar to TV remote control to change channel and volume (together with TV, depend).

As similar to TV remote, click once to move a channel up or down, immediately.

Or using the number keypad to key-in the channel number (3 digits) and changed immediately.


2.  Guide button.

On this guide, it is transparent and more for checking on what is available in other channels.

The channel you are watching still remain in the background.

This Guide button has 2 separate functions by toggle, do try to make use of this.


Other Buttons:

3.  VOD - video on demand, which may include; Four colors; red, green, yellow, blue; for selection

4.  OK - 2 separate functions

5.  Smart TV mainly for recording

6.  Back & Exit buttons are self-explained.

7.  REC, play, pause, stop, etc are for instant record and video playback.

And many other useful buttons.

Once you are faimilar in using this remote control, it can make easy for you to watch.


If you are subscribe to Fibre Broadband, you may consider IPTV.

IPTV do have more feature than the standard Cable TV, such as watch &or record 2 different channels at the same time, instant sign-up to Netflix, and others.

Beside rental is cheaper, as cost $6.42 for Set-top box and option $4.28 for recording, by buying an external HDD WD My Passport Ultra 1TB.


Do Enjoy...



i am not starhub staff &or related to.