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Super Poor Service from StarHub

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Super Poor Service from StarHub


I have signed a new contract wiht Starhub HomeHub Plus....and the fibre TV installation suppose to be on 26Jan19 630pm to 830pm. But the installer did not turn out and no body informed me they are not coming. Eventhough at ~7pm i called 1633 regarding my installtion, and they confirmed there is an appointment booked for me. I have been waiting for the whole night....very disappointing.


Worst still, i have called 1633 the next few day (27Jan and 28Jan) about my new installation date, they said they will expedite my my disappoitment, no one come back to me at all.


I am wondering what sort of service starhub is having nowaday....very disappointing.


In fact i have been happy with starhub service so far, but thru this incident, it telling me, the service standard have been declinding to bad....if not worst.

I am sincerely appreciate if you can help me about this issue.

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Re: Super Poor Service from StarHub

After so many calls to Customer service 1633.....only yesterday, recieved a call from customer service

But to my disappointment, still cannot give a definite answer when can they installed, reason being given why my instaaltion was not activated due to system failure.....

what sort of rubbish reasons they gave. Before actual installation, did receive 2 SMS reminder me about the installation and on the actual day, i called they said confirmed the technician will be coming to install...


Total disappointment...


Not sure any brothers have similar experience and how to resolve it...only way to currently to flare my unhappiness is call 1633 but totally useless...

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Re: Super Poor Service from StarHub



I've replied to your PM. Let's chat there if you've more queries. 


- Amy