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Set-top box problem

New Commentator

Set-top box problem

Hi, there is something wrong with my set-top box. No channels can displayed on the TV screen. The network light is ember (NOT blinking). I tried to switch off, let the box cool down but to no avail. Pls help.

Grand Guru

Re: Set-top box problem

Hi  @Faizal94


Are you using Fibre IPTV or Cable Set-top box.

It seem that you are confused between both type of connections.


IPTV is connect from ONT Port-2 to IPTV by LAN cable point.

Do note that IPTV Set-top box is using this model.

Fibre TV Set-Top Box GX-SH435EH


Cable Set-top box is connect using tv Cable from wall cable point.

Cable TV Set-Top box

Do note the last Set-top is the Fibre TV Set-top box,  IPTV, see above link.


Just take note on the model. 



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