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Recontracting TV plan

Senior Commentator

Recontracting TV plan

Hi, i called in previously. 

1) i was told if i recontract my homehub1000, i have to opt for fibrebox, and cannot keep my cablebox. Correct?


2) if i sign up an inidividual tv plan eg. HD pack, i can opt for cable box? Correct?

Grand Guru

Re: Recontracting TV plan

There is more features in IPTV than Cable.


Rental is $10 as compare to $14 for cable.


Watch & recording up to 3 channels at the same time, instead of 1 channel in cable.

Including watching 2 channels on 1 screen.


Delicate IP for IPTV as fibre broadband down IPTV is still available.

And many other features.


Anyway cable will sooner or later ceased to operate.





I am not Starhub staff.