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Problem with IPTV STB?

Esteemed Contributor

Problem with IPTV STB?

During the recent replacement of faultly ONT, the technician also changed my STB as it was found to be of "bad quality". However, the start up of STB seems to be worst than the earlier one. When powering on the STB, the screen turns blank after the flashing of the StarHub logo. I observed that the Network lights is already solid amber, meaning the connection is up. At this point of pressing any button on the remote does not seems to be having any impact, that is not able to on / off or otherwise.

By powering on / off the STB does not help, TV still show blank screen. Yesterday, I had to power on / off both the ONT and STB three times in order to get the IPTV working. Can advise if this is caused by ONT or STB?


Re: Problem with IPTV STB?

Hello @shey, please reach out to our Customer Care Support team on Facebook Messenger or Twitter Direct Message so that we can log a case regarding your concern for further assistance. 



~ Carla