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GO steaming box vs Fiber TV box

Valued Contributor

GO steaming box vs Fiber TV box

May I check what is the difference between GO steaming box vs Fiber TV box? 


If my termination point is not near my TV, which setup box is recommended? 

Customer Service

Re: GO steaming box vs Fiber TV box

Hi ShihuiFoo,


StarHub Go Streaming Box connects you to the entertainment you love. With access to a wide range of streaming apps, and over 60 live TV and catch-up channels, streamed straight to your big screen, you’ll never be bored again while Fibre TV is StarHub’s latest TV service. It offers customers a superior experience with High Definition content, interactive features and apps delivered over the next-generation national Fibre Broadband on StarHub. For more information you can visit us at and


Thank you!


Valued Contributor

Re: GO steaming box vs Fiber TV box


May I check which will be more flexible? Because according to GO steaming box, I can shift it anywhere as long as it is within the wifi range. But for fiber tv box, I need to connect to the ONT point, am I right? 

If currently I am under fiber tv box, can I switch to GO steaming tv box? 


Thank you. 

Community Manager

Re: GO steaming box vs Fiber TV box

Hi ShihuiFoo, if you'd like catching your shows on the go, you may consider StarHub Go Streaming Box. As you are currently under contract for Firber TV, you will not be able to switch to StarHub Go Streaming Box. -Julaina

- Julaina