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Fibre TV vs Cable TV

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Fibre TV vs Cable TV

2 days ago, i "downgraded" from Cable Starhub TV to Fibre Starhub TV.  I really regretted.  I should have waited till June 2019 when i have no choice. 


There is visual difference between the better older cable TV compared to the new fibre TV.  While on Cable TV, the picture quality is very very good.  On the cable TV the picture quality for colour, skin tone, the depth of view, contrast were excellent quality. When you watch all channels, you felt the cable box is top notch.  On TravelXP and some other channels, it is really like 4K quality (like you see those in LCD/ OLED TV selling in Harvey norman).  The skin tone is very nice, the scenery is colourful and better contrast.


After i changed to Fibre TV, immediately i told the technician i can see a big difference and the colours/ skin tone, contrast were quite bad on Fibre TV.  The skin and other colours are flat - like a single colour.   We checked all the TV settings (1080i) and they are correctly done.   I tried to play around with the LCD TV picture settings over the past 2 days but really cannot match the cable TV quality.  Reboot ONT/ TV/ Starhub fibre TV box serveral times and also swap hdmi cables/ change hdmi ports on TV/ swap UTP cables.  All these does not improve the picture quality.  The picture quality is still below cable TV.  My TV signal is good but picture quality is far below the cable TV.  It is like watching DVD on fibre TV.  CAble TV is like watching blu ray or 4K movies.  When connecting my macbook to the TV, i think i get better picture quality than fibre TV.


I wonder if the picture quality can be tune to match the cable TV from starhub perspective ?

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Re: Fibre TV vs Cable TV

Thanks for the review of FibreTV.


I keep reading about the poor quality of FibreTV compared to Cable and I keep thinking that it may be a teething issue that SH eventually solved. But FibreTV has been implemented for at least a year now (probably more) so why have they been unable to troubleshoot all these issues?


It cannot be an isolated issue either. We see many posts in this forum complaining issues with FibreTV quality. They probably represented less than 5% of all SH Fibre TV subscribers. So the problem is likely more widespread. Some will just live with it. Some complaint elsewhere. 


It's problems like this that makes me glad that I have not jumped on the FibreTV wagon yet. The need for trunking to the room is really a turnoff and while I'm sitting on the fence, I leaning towards just cutting the cable when it gets switched off. 

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Re: Fibre TV vs Cable TV

Hi  @redwatermelon


Can you please indicate which Fibre Set Top box are you using.. is it GX-SH530IP?

Also take a look at the Menu - Settings - for General & STB which may give you some info & details.

Maybe it do need to make some adjustment, where necessary.




I am using GX-SH435EH model and have no issue relating to anything for 2 years after upgrade.

And there is ongoing firmware updates in the recent month.


Just curious to know on whether due to set top box &or firmware.

Usually new device may need to do some updating which might take some time.




i am not starhub staff.

Community Manager

Re: Fibre TV vs Cable TV

Hi redwatermelon, let us check on this. Please PM us your registered customer name, registered mobile number, Hub ID / email address via this link, - Debbie

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Re: Fibre TV vs Cable TV

Worst Experience ever, 2-3 Weeks in, the Fiber TV is showing issue such as Signal is lost and require to reboot. Finally the Hauwei ONT give up and sent a flashing led of death the LOS (Loss of Singal) error today. No wonder people are finding alternative solution to watch their favourite channel. I still missed the good old days of actual cable TV with coaxial no issue at all, if Starhub is not ready for Fiber TV why rush it?