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Fibre TV Set-Top Boxes problems

New Commentator

Fibre TV Set-Top Boxes problems



Recently we switched from the broadband TV to Fiber TV and encountered several issues.


1. The programme that have subtitles did not have subtitles loading despite pressing on * button, it does not give an option to select sub titles. (PS: the channels when we were on broadband TV had subtitles, this is a problem could not be with the content provider). 


2. The loading for settings screen is very laggy, takes a few seconds for it to load.


3. Occassionally, after power on the set-top box, the images were distorted. This problem were also shared by the other members of community, for example: Here and here


I have actually contact the support but they gave me excuses that the issues are with the content provider. 


We made a re-contract decision in hoping to enhance our experience with the new technology, however it has become a nightmare after switching.


Hope Starhub team is able to come back with solutions to solve the problems. Thank you.


Community Manager

Re: Fibre TV Set-Top Boxes problems

Apologies for the delayed response due to high volume of enquiries. Please PM us the subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address, service address and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, we’ll arrange for assistance.