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Fibre TV Set Top Box Problems

New Commentator

Fibre TV Set Top Box Problems



Recently signed up for Homehub1000 last Aug. 1. 


I've been having issues with the fibre tv set top box:


1. Boots and works but picture hangs in a few minutes. 


2. Hangs when trying to load VOD. 


3. Reboots by itself. 


Tried power on/off for the box. Tried power on/off on ONT as well.


Have not been able to finish even one show.  


Please advise. Thanks. 

Grand Guru

Re: Fibre TV Set Top Box Problems

Have you try to remove and reconnect the cable to both IPTV Set-Top box and ONT Port-2 for IPTV.

Please do power off before doing so and ensure cable are secured properly, with a click sound.

Upon power on the IPTV Set-Top box, wait for the time to show correctly before using remote to turn on.


If it still not working properly, do bring the IPTV Set-Top box to Starhub shops, link;


>> Starhub shops Locations

Do bring along the Subscriber's NRIC.



i am not starhub staff &or related to.