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Error 2001 No Signal

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Error 2001 No Signal

Error 2001: No signal found


Hi, I am unable to view any channels due to Error 2001 on my starhub TV set top box using fiber optic.

Tried powering on / off few times for the set-top-box and also TV but no use..


This happened after a relocation and when the technician visit to activate services TV was not around. Later when the TV arrived and i intended to ON set top box hit with error 2001 No Signal. Also noticed set top box displaying incorrect time starts with 08:00


Power - Green light

Network - Red light


Please help me ASAP since I have tried voice customer care support but no use even after 30mins for few times, the IVR prompts all our customer care consultants still busy.


Please do something useful and fix the problem.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Error 2001 No Signal

Hi grsekar2003


Are you still experiencing the issue after a reboot of your set top box (and ONT, if using Fibre TV) to refresh your connection?


If this doesn't help, please reply with your full name, NRIC/FIN number, contact number and email address via Private Message and I'll arrange for follow up. 


- Amy
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Re: Error 2001 No Signal

Hi, facing the same problem. Already switched off and on + unplugging all cables and plugging back ensuring tightness but to no avail.


would appreciate if you can revert ASAP thanks!